Ayno Releases 1st Single Album 'Good Mistakes'

Ciera Reeves


Ayno, has released his first solo single album called 'Good Mistakes' on March 12. 

Ayno's 'Good Mistakes' is a song that announces the beginning of his solo career, and is a song that hints at Ayno's maturity, which is significantly different from what he has previously shown.

Ayno who is usually seen as a rapper, shows a completely new charm as a vocalist with a pop rock genre. 'Good Mistakes' was written by Ayno himself and composed with only1mcson and vocally directed by Ryu Sangdo known from Xeno-T. 

“You left me

I almost flew in an instant

“I was afraid that I might see a flashing star.”

Performance of  'Good Mistakes' 

Ayno (Noh Yunho) debuted by joining as a member of VAV in 2017, which gained a global fandom and especially created a craze of Latin K-pop. The group parted ways with their agency of over 8 years in March 2024. 

Ayno's first solo single serves pre-release that is expected to quench the thirst of his existing fandom and raise expectations for future albums.

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