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Group BAE173 has made an official comeback after a year and half, with a more intense image. 

BAE173 (J-Min, Hangyeol, Yujun, Mujin, Junseo, Yeongseo, Doha, Bit) released their fifth mini album 'NEW CHAPTER: LUCEAT' on March 13. 

This 5th mini album opens a new chapter and contains a total of 3 songs, including the title song 'Fifty-Fifty', 'CRIMSON', and 'You'. Members also participated in the composition of songs. 

“As BAE173 is releasing an album after a long time, we wanted to show our fans a new side of ourselves and show the title song concept of sexy in our own colors.”

About the title track 'Fifty-Fifty' they stated; 

“We were worried because it was a concept we had never tried before, but during the process of preparing the album, We thought several times that we suited the concept quite well. We think we can maximize BAE173’s hidden sexiness. “We think this is a song that can well show BAE173’s further growth and maturity.”

'Fifty-Fifty' Music Video


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