CUBE Reveals Members of First Boy Group in Eight Years, NOWADAYS

Ciera Reeves

On March 4, Cube Entertainment revealed the members of NOWADAYS, the company's first boy group in eight years. 

On the official SNS channels of NOWADAYS the group name and logo motion video were released, confirming the 2024 debut.

The logo video contains graphics where the space between 'NOW, A' and 'DAYS' is filled with various expressions such as 'CURIOUS', 'DREAMY', and 'YOUTHFUL', creating NOWADAYS foretelling the charm of the group.

In addition, the bouncing beat and heartbeat sound captivated the ears, and the gaps between words were narrowed, completing the group name 'NOWADAYS', raising expectations for their debut.

NOWADAYS  has previously been promoted through QR posters throughout Seoul, garnering attention among K-pop fans. Meanwhile, after years of preparation, NOWADAYS is accelerating with the goal of debuting in the first half of the year.

A teaser video titled "We are NOWADAYS" gives a glimpse of the 5 members with an English narration. 

NOWADAYS on Social Media 

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