Dynamicduo Releases "2 Kids On The Block - Part.3" with Star-studded Features

Ciera Reeves

On March 28, Dynamiduo released the third and final part of their full album 2 Kids On The Block

It all started with teenage hip hop lovers Younsung Kim and Jaeho Choi, and now they're living out their dreams as Dynamicduo. “2 Kids On The Block” is an album that unfolds the story of two teenage boys, encapsulating their transformative journey from their humble beginnings to their current status, and it will take all listeners through a nostalgic route and bring comfort for those who have found solace in the duo’s music.

Following Part.1 and 2 released in June and August of last year, "911 (Feat. Tabber)” is a song that expresses respect for oneself and achieving success in return of fighting hard and facing difficulties in life. "Dramatic (Feat. Huh, Jung Man Sik)" is a song that evokes confidence with a message that they are still doing well inspite of how malicious haters are.

"Fly or Die (Feat. Crush)" is a song that expresses the exhausting and difficult emotions experienced while running towards success without rest by comparing it to a "legless bird", and explains the hidden side of it through honest lyrics. "Love Myself (Feat. BewhY)" is a song about loving oneself as they are, and even accepting all their flaws and karma.

They are hip hop artists who started in the underground scene and is now famously recognized by the public and other musicians. However, the title track "PITAPA (Feat. pH-1, JUNNY)" wittily expresses their passion for music and their ambition to expand overseas, further pushing their aspirations.

"PITAPA" Music Video 

The full album consists of 12 total tracks with five newly tracks added, which brings their 10th album to completion. In Part.1 and Part.2, actor Lee Byung-hun, comedian PSICK UNIV, producers GRAY and TOIL, and rapper Leellamarz participated in the album which brought freshness from various creative fields. In the newly released Part.3, actor Jung Man Sik's narration will add a lively touch to the album, and producer CODE KUNST and R&B stars Crush and JUNNY, who hold a significant position in the R&B/Hip-hop scene, will also take part, further increasing anticipation for this album.

Following the footsteps of Dynamicduo, rappers pH-1, BewhY, and Huh have made a mark in the hip hop scene, captivating the hearts of the general public with their popularity and musicality. Tabber, who caught the eye of Team Gaeko x CODE KUNST from Mnet "Show Me the Money 10" for his unique vibe and tone, will also be featured in Part.3, elevating the completion of the album.

Listen to "2 Kids On The Block - Part.3" 

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