ICHILLIN' Returns with 3rd Mini Album "Feelin' Hot"

On March 7, girl group ICHILLIN' returned with their 3rd mini album "Feelin' Hot."

"Feelin' Hot" is an album that contains ICHILLIN's desire to provide exciting stimulation in listeners' boring daily lives by curating with different charms. It has 5 tracks including the pre-released tracks 'BITE ME' of the dance house genre, and 'DEMIGOD' of the hip-hop genre in which members participated in writing the lyrics. Additionally, this is 'La Luna (Child of the Moon) 2024 Ver.', remade for 2024.

The title track is called 'ON MY LIPS' along with the instrumental. With lyrics by DynamicDuo's Choiza, and composed by LYRE, Gino Barletta and Scott Bruzenak, it is described as a lively and sophisticated dance genre song with a harmonious combination of bright synth sound, energetic drum sound reminiscent of the 2000s, and vivid horn sound. ICHILLIN's confidence and bright energy come through lyrics full of boldness and charisma, and will be a thrilling stimulus to listeners who long for fun in boring everyday life. 

'ON MY LIPS' Music Video

"We hope every moment we spend together is meaningful. We sing about how much wider the world of ICHILLIN' will be when we are together. If the past albums showed listeners the pride that comes from ICHILLIN's unwavering ability, this album conveys the hope that listeners will join ICHILLIN' for the rest of its journey."


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