B.I's Spontaneity Sparks Warm Vibes in His Manila Fanmeet

Claui Sta. Ana

B.I's Philippine escapades are akin to a love story: the maestro behind "BTBT," Kim Hanbin, and his Filipino fans exchanged affection as if it were currency! Last Monday's gathering in Manila, orchestrated by Privé Alliance—the streetwear brand where B.I unveiled his own collection—witnessed the 27-year-old artist captivating the crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena with his undeniable charm.

The arena roared with cheers for every move B.I made. The host, Denise Laurel, even revealed that B.I didn't follow the script anymore. He hugged fans, descended from the stage to give away signed hoodies, and became everyone's favorite floor-roaming idol. Everyone won that night, seeing the singer up close and personal.

Behind the scenes, he assured no Filo ID (his fans' name) missed their B.I moment. Touch-ups and outfit changes? He insisted on staying on stage! And when he needed to go, he reappeared immediately to join a fan's dance party, proving spontaneity is his middle name.

He also serenaded IDs with "BTBT," "Loved," and "Cosmos"—a melody feast for the ears. But it's not a Manila Fanmeet without the crowd singing for artists, so Filo IDs proudly belted out "Michaelangelo," leaving B.I beaming with joy as he mentioned he associated the song with his fans in the Philippines.

In a chit-chat session, B.I revealed his love for Philippine's bagoong (fish paste) and a preference for comfy threads. And when asked about plans, he excitedly answers a "Hype Up" tour in May, with a pitstop in the Philippines. No official announcements yet, but B.I assured, "It's quite certain."

The highlight of the night goes to IDs pulling a heartstring-tugging move with a surprise video of collected messages from fans describing love and ending each sentiment with "Hanbin is love." Fans also filled the arena with blue roses.

Touched, B.I said, "I almost cried, but I was able to hold back my tears." Promising a return, he signed off with a heartfelt "Mahal Kita (I love you)."

B.I, consider our hearts officially won.

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