LUN8 Makes Successful First Comeback with "BUFF" Mini Album


LUN8 has returned with their second mini-album "BUFF" after about 7 months. The album tells the story of a young man with many dreams and many things he wants to do and become, and the confident energy that when we work together with synergy, we can do anything is expressed.

The title song 'SUPER POWER' is described as a pop song that captures your ears with a strong and addictive hook, with a funky sound of bass and drums harmoniously combined with dreamy synths to create an energetic vibe. In particular, the lyrics, which express the fateful fate of falling in love with someone who suddenly enters the ordinary life, make LUN8's charm stand out even more.

'SUPER POWER' Music Video 

This album, including ‘SUPER POWER’, includes ‘MON2SUN (MON♡SUN)’, which contains the content ‘I’m only thinking about you from Monday to Sunday’, and ‘GOT THE RIZZ’, which expresses the free and confident side of boys. 'PASTEL', which contains the message of creating our own special color by spreading into each other's world like pastel colors encroaching, and 'Now', which lovingly depicts an honest and confident appearance. In addition, LUN8 showed another charm with ‘SUPER POWER (English Ver.)’ for global fans, taking a step closer to not only domestic but also global fans. 

According to iTunes, on the14th, "BUFF" not only ranked at the top of the top album charts in three regions, including Indonesia, Turkey, and Japan, but also topped charts around the world. also entered. The title song 'SUPER POWER' entered New Zealand's Top Song Chart in both the English and Korean versions, demonstrating the potential of the global rookie.

Also on this day, LUN8 directly announced their official fan club name, Luvate (LUV8). LUV8 is a compound word of lunate (LUN8) and love (LUV), and refers to fans who love her lunate. At the end of her fan showcase, Lunate promised a flowery road with LUV8, saying, "I will show you a cooler and more lovely side in the future and make you all happy."

The group held a showcase and performed their comeback stage on today's Mnet's 'M Countdown.'

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