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Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

Mysterious and darkly enchanting - iconic girl group Dreamcatcher engulfed fans into a beautiful nightmare with their newest world tour "Luck Inside 7 Doors". Returning to London as their third European stop, Dreamcatcher captivated Troxy hall with a two-hour concert. 

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

The Performance

The set began with an eerie and cinematic tape, depicting the members as hooded figures in white gowns sitting around a table. A single candle blows out, and "OOTD this my fashion" rang through the hall. One by one, the hooded members took the stage. 

The cloaks were dropped, revealing their punk-grunge outfits as they jumped right in with their latest title track "OOTD", complete with a special ending dance break. They concluded their entrance with the hypnotic "Black or White", before taking a moment to speak.

They greeted their fans - also known as InSomnia's - and expressed their excitement in returning to London. Yoohyeon, the group English speaker, took the opportunity to charm the audience with a humorous "Chuffed to see ya!" - before the group dove back in with their iconic "YOU AND I", with Dami's powerful presence making itself known as she coolly manifested a baton as part of her special choreography. The heavy guitars kept coming as they finished their set with one of their newer songs "Demian". 

They then took a break to discuss the heavy choreography. SuA (who choreographed it) stated that JiU's part was her favourite and asked for a demonstration - calling her a goddess. A fact the audience wholeheartedly agreed with. The girls then drew attention to their punky London OOTD's, in reference to their first song, with Siyeon in her short red hair showing off her cool rock inspired eyepatch.

The next set then started with the dramatic "Propose", hypnotising the audience with their vocals on standing mics before slinking into the choreography. Their spell continued with "Rising" as thunder clapped behind them. 

The set ended and the girls left the stage as another tape played, depicting the members in a fresher light as they elegantly posed amongst ice and trees.

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

Keeping with the theme, Dreamcatcher returned on a lighter note with "Fairytale", slowly growing more intense with "Diamond" - featuring a mini dance break by Dami and Gahyeon, cheered on by other members - and ending with "Wake Up". Halfway through the song, the music stopped, and a phone alarm rang, momentarily leaving InSomnia's befuddled before loudly resuming. The girls teased the audience who fell for the alarm prank, pointing out the funny faces fans made in their confusion. 

The dark theme returned along with the heavy guitars as the girls weaved their way to the metal version of "The Curse of the Spider", headbanging and interacting with the audience. Beckoning them back into their web before giving them a shock with the darkly sirenic, fan-favourite "Scream". 

The girls left the audience again as a continuation of the previous tape played. They returned with the Medusa-inspired "Shatter" with it's mesmerising, snake-like choreography, as well as a celestial, acapella rendition of "Deja Vu". 

The girls then stated that the next songs were dedicated to their fans, and dove into the heartfelt "To. You", accompanied by a rainy backdrop. An appropriate image well suited to London, considering it had also been raining earlier that day. They also serenaded InSomnia's with the soft "Lullaby", professing their love before finishing the set. 

The members took a break, telling the audience the British words and phrases that they learned in a humorous new segment. Gahyeon cutely started off with an enthusiastic "Lovely Jubbly" - a phrase which continued to echo around the hall throughout the rest of the night. Rapper Dami then asked the audience about the shortening of "cup of tea" to "cuppa", with dancer SuA taking the opportunity to express "I had a cuppa this morning" and "Fancy a cuppa?" - complete with the memebrs cooing at how cute she was.

However, with a quick "This is an emergency", the serenity was cut short as the "Mayday" instrumental started. The crowd was hyped up once again through the song, "New Days", and "Silent Nights". The latter transforming Troxy into a club hall as they repeated the point intrumental - urging the audience to let loose and dance along. 

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

Ending Ment

And with that, the concert came to an end. The members firstly, took this moment to egg SuA's wild dancing on stage, before making their final statements. Power-vocalist Gahyeon began by expressing how she was touched and gains strength when she sees InSomnias, stating that "InSomnia's are lovely Jubbly!" 

SuA was next, stating how thankful she was to be there. She mentioned how even though theyhad visited London two years ago, it barely felt like two months. The mic was then passed to the cool vocalist Siyeon, who complimented InSomnia's on their energy and thanked them, stating that "I'd like to think like us, you've made a happy memory today". 

Next was deep-vocalist Handong, who spoke about the prior meet and greet, expressing how she wanted to hurry and get on stage to meet insomnias afterwards. English speaker and vocalist Yoohyeon then mentioned how she loved seeing InSomnia's enjoy the show, as well as "You guys are the reason for our lives". A message which, was shown later on screen. 

Rapper and vocalist Dami then spoke about how she was concerned for fans waiting outside as it was raining earlier. She thanked the fans for their energy, and stated that "I'll think about this moment again and go to sleep very happy". Finally, leader JiU made her comments, stating that she doesn't get tired when she sees InSomnia's, and that because of them, she can laugh and smile. 

The group then took a photo and a video with the audience. And with a "Until now, we are Dreamcatcher" the girls proceeded to their final set. They resumed with their admitted fan-favourite "BOCA", and their previous, nautically themed title track "BONVOYAGE" as a farewell to London InSomnia's.

Finally, the girls left the stage, and the hall went dark. The crowd cheered for an encore.

A voice resounded over the speakers. "Tonight was amazing right? 
Everyone scream if you wanna see us next time. Scream if you wanna see us once more now!"

Dreamcatcher once more returned to the stage with the gentle, summery "We Are Young" and finally, "REASON". 

And with that, the girls said their final farewell, and the concert ended. But not before an image flashed on screen, teasing their newest upcoming lightstick.

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

Final Thoughts

Overall, the night favourites were "Scream" and "Shatter", as well as the classic "YOU AND I". Throughout the concert, the girls clearly demonstrated why London favours them so much with their clean dance moves, and hypnotising siren-like vocals. We can only keep an eye on what they do next, and wish them well on the rest of their tour. 

We hope that they can come again soon. But in the meantime, follow KpopWise for more updates on your favourite idols!

Thank you to MyMusicTaste for the invitation. 

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