[Mini Interview] H1-KEY Reveal Singing Tips and Ideal Concept for Variety Show

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H1-KEY, the dynamic girl group signed under GLG Entertainment, burst onto the K-pop scene with undeniable charisma and talent. Debuting on January 5, 2022, with the single album “Athletic Girl,” the group introduced themselves to the world with a captivating blend of infectious energy and raw talent. Comprising four remarkable members—SEOI, RIINA, HWISEO, and YEL—H1-KEY embodies the essence of empowerment and self-assurance.

The group's name, H1-KEY, is a testament to their aspiration for unapologetic confidence and radiant beauty. Inspired by the term "high-key," H1-KEY sets out to redefine standards by embracing their authenticity and promoting a message of healthy self-esteem.

In February 2023, H1-KEY's meteoric rise was validated when they secured the 3rd position in Girl Group Brand Reputation, trailing behind industry juggernauts NewJeans and BLACKPINK. This accolade not only solidified their presence in the competitive K-pop landscape but also showcased their growing influence and appeal.

Continuing their journey of musical exploration and emotional resonance, H1-KEY recently unveiled their latest single, "기뻐 (Deeper),” marking the second installment of their ambitious H1-KEYnote project. Preceded by the soul-stirring track ‘Thinkin’ About You,' released on January 19th, this project serves as a platform for the group to express their unique musical identity and connect with their devoted fanbase, M1-KEY.

“Deeper” blends pop melodies with modern rock elements to craft a sonically rich and emotionally charged experience. The song serves as a poignant narrative of the human spirit's resilience, embodying the journey of self-healing and unwavering hope in the face of adversity.

Collaborating once again with esteemed producers Young K from DAY6 and Hong Ji Sang, known for their work on hits like “Rose Blossom” and “SEOUL,” H1-KEY elevates their artistry to new heights. Together, they masterfully orchestrate a symphony of sound that not only captivates the ears but also speaks directly to the heart.

KpopWise sat with H1-KEY to ask them some questions during a roundtable interview. 

SEOI: Let us introduce our group first. 2, 3!

All: Go Run! Hi, this is H1-KEY!

KW: A lot of M1-KEY praise you for your vocals. Are there any tips to get better at singing? 

HWISEO: Instead of merely practicing, I suggest discovering the sound that suits your voice and sounds pleasant to the ears. Once you identify it, focus on practicing to bring that sound to life. Just like studying, understanding your voice type is crucial.

KW: If your group were to create a concept for a variety TV show, what would it be about and why?

YEL: If your group is to create your own variety show, what would it be about? If the show has a physical aspect to it, I think it will be quite funny. I would like to try something like the show Running Man with the name tag race or games that involve physical movement and activity.

As H1-KEY continues to carve their path in the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop, they remain committed to their mission of spreading positivity and inspiration through their music. With each release, they reaffirm their status as not just performers, but as beacons of empowerment and resilience, inspiring listeners to embrace their true selves and navigate life's challenges with unwavering determination. We look forward to the next installments of their H1-KEYnote project.


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A special thank you to H1-KEY, GLG Entertainment, and Helix Publicity for the interview. 

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