[Concert Review] IVE Makes ATL Their Own On First World Tour

IVE Concept Photo

Photo: Starship Entertainment

On March 24, Starship Entertainment girl group, IVE, make their Atlanta, GA debut, performing at State Farm Arena for the first time. The U.S. leg of the tour began in early March 2024 in Los Angeles and will soon come to a close with two more shows in Rosemont, IL and Newark, NJ. 

It is the 6-member group's first time visiting Atlanta, and as reminisced by their stories throughout the night, they took in some of Atlanta's best offerings; The Georgia Aquarium enlightening the girls as to their favorite sea creatures, the Atlanta Hawks showing how basketball scoreboards can reach the 100s in an intense match-up, and even just trying local food and shops for a little relaxation before their night in the arena. 

The night in question is alight with fans of all ages sporting their newest tour merchandise and IVE light stick (aka Have-Bong or Ha-Bong). The anticipation only grows as VCR's tease the theme of the tour with ominous phrases like, "You think you already know a lot about me?" and "I still have so much more to show you." The uproar from the crowd intensifies with each highlight as their biases cross the imposing arena screens. And when the members finally take the stage, it is as if they emerge from a fairytale, fans rising to their feet ready to be swept away into IVE's world.

Members, YUJIN, JIWON (LIZ), GAEUL, REI, WONYOUNG, and LEESEO, each showcase their charms as the setlist plays out. Yujin's voice is a force to be reckoned with and that much is apparent as she belts through her headset mic with each passing song. Wonyoung's visuals and soft tones capture the hearts of all who have been following her career, Jiwon's dimpled smile and sweet voice reel fans in like a siren, Rei and Gaeul's stage chemistry and flirtatious dance moves get the crowd hype, and Leeseo's ability to adapt to each style they pursue make it clear that each member brings something unique and fun for the group to put on a thrilling show. 

As the hours tick on, the girls' energy and happiness level grows steadily, thrumming throughout their fans, affectionately known as DIVE. They bring a new force to the stage with their unit covers: Gaeul covering Ariana Grande's 7 Rings, Rei covering NIKI's Every Summertime, with both girls coming together to cover Spice Girls' Wannabe on the front stage. Following their act, Wonyoung and Jiwon cover Vladmir Cosmo's Reality, and Yujin & Leeseo close out the unit songs covering Little Mix/Nicki Minaj's Woman Like Me. The latter showcase a dance break that had DIVE's voices echoing through the music, the loudest fan-chant the night sees... that is until After Like later in the evening. These stages prove to be the ideal opportunity to not only have fun exploring their own talents but that which they share with fellow members. 

Leeseo and An Yujin Unit Stage at IVE in Atlanta

IVE in Atlanta

IVE Final Stage in Atlanta

Other aspects of the show that aren't to be missed includes the mountains of confetti, the reverberation of intoxicating rhythms through the floor, the backup dancers' enthusiastic involvement in each stage, and breathtaking costumes that fulfill each mood. As expected with a first of anything, there were minor kinks in the pacing of some aspects of the show but the continuous, loving engagement the members maintain with the fans, allow for swift movement from the lulls and on to the next exciting stage. 

As the teasing pink and white of the on-screen text flash before DIVE's eyes, the group reappears for an encore with one of Wonyoung's written pieces, OTT (over the top), where she says it was to express their love for DIVE being "over the top!" The encore continues and closes the show with IVE's most recent release, a collaboration with SAWEETIE, of ICONA POP's All Night closes out the show with energy and unexpected yet welcome repetition.

Seeing as eating Georgia Peaches is still on the members' wishlist, we are sure to welcome them back to Atlanta with open arms and another full arena in the future.

Even without experiencing the visual effects of the screens and pounding of the speakers, this show is not one to miss. Check out the setlist below:

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Special thanks to LiveNation and Starship Entertainment for the invitation. 

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