TAN Releases 1st Full Album W SERIES ‘3TAN’(WORLD Ver.)


TAN releases their first full album W SERIES ‘3TAN’(WORLD Ver.) 

This full album is the [world ver] album, following the 2nd mini album W SERIES '2TAN' [wish ver] and [we ver], and contains a total of 9 new songs. In particular, the members impressively participated in writing and composing lyrics for all the songs, and they took care of producing. TAN (Changsun, Jooan, Jaejun, Sunghyuk, Hyunyeop, Taehoon, and Jiseong) plans to clearly advance as artists who will showcase their capabilities.

This album, which presents TAN's unique energetic and strong sense while expressing the theme of high stimulation through dynamic performance, is combined with other dreamy and lyrical songs to fully capture TAN's various charms.

In particular, the title song 'HYPERTONIC' expresses the hormones represented by dopamine and adrenaline in a breathless and rhythmical way. This title song of the electro funk pop genre, full of bass lines and synth sounds that will stimulate the listener's ears the moment they hear it, conveys the meaning of a strong heartbeat so that the entire TAN W SERIES '3TAN' (WORLD Ver.) album can be easily understood. 




An electronica song that explains the keyword 'stimulation'. It is a song that stands out with a bass sound that encompasses several genres based on electronica bass, and the members' voices that create a strange tension and the lyrics that express dreamy emotions leave a deep impression. The members Jaejun, Jiseong, and JOOAN participated in lyrics and composition. 


Known to be one of legendary producer S.Tiger's final works. The title song 'HYPERTONIC' is an electro funk pop genre. The rhythmic bass line and rich synth sound stimulate listeners' ears from the beginning. The lyrics, which symbolize what it feels like to be strongly stimulated with the word 'Hypertonic.'

3. Love is an Open Door

This is an electronic pop genre song centered on synth bass, a harmony of calm vocals contrasting with a track with a racing sound. creates a strange atmosphere. The lyrics are by JOOAN, Sunghyuk,  Hyeonyeop, and Ji Seong, while Jaejun, and JOOAN also participated in compostition. 

4. Dreamy Love

A rock genre song written by JOOAN, Taehoon, and Jiseong. Jaejun and JOOAN participated in composition. The chorus part and ad-libs that show the members' energy add to the fun of listening.

5. TMI

It is a light punk rock genre song, but it is personal. A song that honestly contains unchanging realities such as common hardships and feelings of inferiority. The lyrics are by members JOOAN, Kim Hyunyeop, and Jiseong.

6. Surfin

With lyrics by Jaejun, and Jiseong it is a song that expresses emotions, and is impressive with minimal but unique sounding instruments and rhythmic melody. The rich chorus and witty lyrics that compare the song to 'Surfin' create a pleasant illusion of being in the sea in listeners.

7. "Lights"

A ballad song that contains a message of comfort and strength to myself and everyone who listens to a dark and difficult past or present. The lyrics were written by members JOOAN, Hyunyeop, and Sunghyuk.

8. "5:45"

A medium tempo ballad song with lyrics by JOOAN, Hyeonyeop, and Jiseong that stands out with the harmony of acoustic and electric guitars, the members' faint vocals and The lyrics about holding on to the other person attract attention.

9. "AREA"

A performance song that concludes 'World' with a message and energy.

Listen to W SERIES ‘3TAN’(WORLD Ver.) 

Meanwhile, TAN have kicked off promotions for their new album on weekly music programs. 

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