BTS j-hope Brings Hope to the Street with New Album "Hope on the Street Vol 1"

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Bonafide superstar and embodiment of hope, BTS’s j-hope is back with the next installment of his hope on the street series. Six brand-new songs from the album titled Hope on the street Volume 1 serves as the companion piece to the in depth documentary series, which delves into his passion for dance, the history and techniques of various genres, and his journey from street dancing to global recognition with BTS.

The six-track album is a goodie bag brimming with sweet treats full of future dance floor hits. Each song is to link with the release of each episode of the docu-series that take place in Osaka, Gwangju, Paris, Seoul and New York. The project is produced, composed, and written by j-hope, and in a hand written letter for the release, he eagerly states. “This album and the contents are more important than usual. This album and the contents will allow you to get to know your friend J-Hope a little more than usual, and it is one of the cultures that I want to continue to lead. Good music makes a good dance. Our movements are connected to music, and in the end, our natural formula is expressed in a lot of ways. Ah, this is the meaning, the charm of street dance,  I want to show you through this content and album.”

And with that said, he’s true to his word, as the album is there for people who have a passion for dance, and HOTS truly is a gem to get those moves in order. For those sceptical about getting up to dance, Hoseok has the perfect song to get you moving whether you want to or not: 'Lock/Unlock' featuring Benny Blanco and the legendary artist Nile Rogers. You'll find yourself visually transported to a roller skating disco rink by the combination of funky disco beats and a bass that will make your feet tap.

We’re joined by some familiar names in K-pop featuring on two tracks, and the first is by BTS golden maknae Jeon Jungkook on 'I Wonder', a whirling medley of beats, and their dreamy vocals meld exquisitely together in the chorus “This love/ right now/ it’s all we got / all we need / we’re happy now /so why don't we ride this feeling?/ just dance right now.” As per usual, and as always the members are spreading a positive and exciting message to fans. One can’t help but think it’s perhaps an inkling of future sounds and meaning for the future of BTS and ARMY.

The sensual dance single 'I don’t know' features fellow label mate Huh Yunjin LE SSERAFIRM whose vocals exude style, and French sophistication thanks to the spoken word intro. It’s obvious that this album has been made to encourage the listener to dance and get involved. It's also worth noting that the entire record could easily easily be taken on tour, with every song perfect for giant audiences jumping about happily sing along in unison “Where we’re gonna be at/ I don’t know, I don’t care.”

Rounding off the album with 'NEURON' (featuring Gaeko and Yoon Mirae), this is an extra special track that features his neuron dance crew. A group that gave him the start he desperately craved and worked hard for. Additionally, a motion picture featuring the artists was released in conjunction with the album. Overall, hope on the street embodies everything that fans have come to love about j-hope, an artist who has achieved so much yet still has his feet firmly planted on the ground. What’s inspiring is his strive to learn, stay true to his craft, and expand his skills. He's soared to greater heights with the ever-changing genres and sounds that ebb and flow delightfully from start to finish. 

"Hope On The Street vol.1" is available on all streaming platforms, and Hope On The Street the docu series on Amazon prime now.

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