xikers Return with 3rd Mini Album "HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error"

Ciera Reeves
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Global K-pop rising stars, xikers, are back with the release of their 3rd mini album "HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error". After shaking up the music scene with two EPs and a successful world tour only a few months after their debut in 2023, the group is back in 2024 and aren’t looking to stop their lightning speed toward the top. The EP is out now on global platforms.

xikers took 2023 on a whirlwind with a highly successful debut in the form of their 1st EP hitting the Billboard 200 chart at No.74 merely two weeks after release. It didn’t take long for them to release their 2nd EP, continuing the momentum and diving straight into a world tour only six months after their debut.

Now, seven months after their last music release, and a world tour taking them through nine different countries, with six stops alone in the US and multiple sold out dates in Japan, the US, and Europe, xikers is solidifying their place as a global group with a new EP.

xikers released their long-awaited 3rd EP on March 8th, after a month of teasing with vibrant concept photos and special events both online and offline. ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error’ continues their narrative as the third installment.

'We Don't Stop' Music Video 

‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error’ contains six tracks - featuring ‘We Don’t Stop’ as the title song. This EP once again highlights the group in not just their performance, but in their musicality, with members MINJAE, SUMIN, and YECHAN, participating in the lyric writing of five of their six tracks on the new release.

The title track ‘We Don’t Stop’ also expresses xikers’ unrelenting energy to continuously move forward without stopping. A reinterpretation of old school hip-hop with various other elements included, the track sets the standards high for the quality of the entire EP.

01. Trial And Error (whereabouts)
02. We Don’t Stop **Title Track**
03. Red Sun
04. Supercalifragilistic
05. 온갖 맛이 나는 젤리 (Every Flavor Jelly)
06. Break A Leg

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