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Sassy and energetic - superstar girl group ITZY enamoured the audience at the OVO Arena Wembley with their first London concert on Apr 24th, as part of their second world tour "Born to Be".

The group had just come back with their latest album of the same title "Born to Be", before setting off for shows in 18 different countries in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Europe and North America. Usually a 5-member group, ITZY continued this tour as 4 members, as vocalist Lia was on hiatus. 

The Performance

For this tour, the group performed with a live band - which added an extra dynamic layer to the performances that followed. 

The band began, the dancers gathered, and the girls emerged, opening with their latest release and tour namesake "BORN TO BE", keeping the energy high for their first segment by following with "RACER" and "KIDDING ME" before finally greeting MIDZY's (ITZY fans).

They explained the title of their tour and song "Born to Be", stating that they wanted to show "who ITZY are and what we do", as said by their leader Yeji. They then took a moment to address their thoughts on finally visiting London. Talking about the sights, the people, and - of course, as every idol does when they visit the UK - Harry Potter. With rapper Ryujin taking the opportunity to flex her take on the British accent with a humorous "'LeviOsa, not leviosa.' I love Harry Potter." She then took the opportunity to introduce the next song and segment with a "Not 'vampIre', vampire."

And so the next segment began with another track off their latest album "Mr. Vampire", before their viral "SWIPE", and their fan-favourite title track "WANNABEfrom their 2020 release "It'z Me".

A break then ensued, with a VCR occupying the audiences, depicting all the concepts the girls had done until that moment. Meanwhile, mirrors appeared on set. 

Chaeyreong then took the stage, performing her self-written solo "Mine", a mysterious, enigmatic track mesmerising the audience as she swanned around the stage in a mystical white ensemble. She left, and the energy then took a turn as Ryujin appeared on an elevated platform performing her solo song "Run Away", under a neon sign of her name on what looked to be a set depicting a motel room. The cool, vintage American-rock style vibe was only further perpetuated by Ryujins near-gamine charms as she shattered a glass in a performance of carefree liberation. 

The theatrics continued as Yuna appeared for her solo "Yet, but", making her bubbly presence known by entering on a cute, sparkly diamond-shaped chair as she performed the space-themed, 8-bit inspired track. The stage was aflurry with props and backup dancers, as they sped her around on pink glittery shopping carts, as she graced the audience with her sparkling disposition and bright smile. 

Yeji then took the stage for the final solo performance with "Crown on My Head", powerfully making a statement of confidence with her strong aura and rock track in the back. 

The solo segment ended with another VCR depicting the girls in a dark, batman villain-esque fantasy universe featuring a red eclipse, shattering glass and falling into their next song.

They returned with their upbeat yet post-apocalyptic track "UNTOUCHABLE" from their latest album, as well as other high energy songs "Gas Me Up" and "Dynamite". They then took another moment to speak to the audience. 

They explained the meanings of their solos, starting with the members jokingly pointing out the sultry nature of Chaeryeong's choreography. Ryujin went on to explain that her song, stating that "You can run away if you're scared of saying bye, I'll be the villain." The youngest Yuna explained the hopeful meaning of "Yet, but" saying that "We're not perfect, but as time goes by we'll shine brightly like a diamond!" alluding to the sparkling diamond she entered on. She also expressed her wish to gift the audience a "bright energy". Leader Yeji made the simple, yet confident statement "I deserve to wear the crown" in regards to her solo, also adding on that she wrote it while "thinking of MIDZY's". Ryujin again, took the humorous opportunity to say "She rizzed you up right?" 

They moved on to the next segment with "Psychic Lover", taking time to interact with the audience all through to "Don't Give a What", complete with the backup dancers performing with light-up canes. They then performed their 2021 title track "LOCO", with a special ending performance by the backup dancers and the live band. 

Another VCR played, continuing the apocalyptic themes of the prior one, while the band played the girls back in as they performed another fan favourite and 2021 title "Not Shy". They then performed the viral "CAKE" and "SNEAKERS" before another break. The vibe quickly shifted again from upbeat and fun to powerful as they continued with "Kill Shot" and "Escalator", both with dynamic and charismatic choreography. 

The girls then left and, as is customary for most JYP group concerts, the audience challenges began! First was the dance challenge, where random audience members were selected to copy and execute the named choreography on screen, as fans either rushed out of their seats or ducked down in the hopes of being chosen (or not!). Next was the sing-along challenge where the hangul, romanisation, and translation of "WANNABE" were put on screen, challenging the audience to sing along karaoke-style. 

The girls then returned for the final, softer segment, starting with "LOVE is" with standing mics, and "Be in Love" as they sweetly lounged across a white staircase. 

Ending Ment

In their final comments to fans, Chaeryeong began by expressing how they "Put their heart in their encore stage". A fan video then played, showcasing messages from British MIDZY's expressing their love and adoration while the audience held up fan banners, as well as sending well wishes to Lia - wishes the girls promised to send forward.

Youngest member Yuna then spoke of her time exploring London with her parents, before addressing the audience with a "MIDZY's in London, you were so amazing tonight!" Chaeryeong then expressed how she didn't know they had such a large fanbase in the UK, and found joy in seeing fans enjoying their music stating that "You guys always make me happy and [give me] motivation", as well as promising "We'll be back with Lia!"

Ryujin pointed out how she thought she'd be tired since the UK was in the middle of their tour, but gained energy from exploring London, stating that "UK people are so kind". She then mentioned how she wanted everyone to leave their concert with a "Precious memory" - a statement to which the audience wholly agreed. Yeji echoed this statement, before similarly marvelling at how pretty she found the city. The girls then took a moment to thank the backstage staff too, before taking a group photo with the audience with their fan banners. 

They promised that they would try their best to come back, before performing "Chillin' Chillin'" and finally, their iconic and sassy debut "DALLA DALLA". 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the concert did it's best to showcase the many sides of ITZY, showing exactly who they are and why their fanbase is as wide as it is passionate. Favourites of the night were "Not Shy", "WANNABE" and "DALLA DALLA" as they finally graced the British stage. We have no doubt that from here, the girls will only continue to grow, and wish them the best on the rest of their tour. 

We can only hope that they return to London soon. But for now, be sure to follow KpopWise for more updates!

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