Xdinary Heroes Release First Full Album "Troubleshooting"


Xdinary Heroes, the young rock band from JYP Entertainment and Studio J, have just released their first full album "Troubleshooting". 

Just having celebrated their 2-year anniversary, "Troubleshooting" comes just 6 months after their last mini-album "Livelock". The album contains 10 tracks, including the title track "어리고 부끄럽고 바보 같은 (Little Things)" for which they also dropped a music video. 

The remaining tracks are:

1. No Matter

2. 어리고 부끄럽고 바보 같은 (Little Things) (Title)


4. Paint It 

5. Money On My Mind 

6. 꿈을 꾸는 소녀 (Dreaming Girl) 

7. Until the end of time 

8. Walking to the Moon 


10. 불꽃놀이의 밤 (Night of Fireworks) 

The songs all explore various feelings from sentimental such as their pre-release "Dreaming Girl" to heavier, bordering metal-core songs such as "MONEYBALL", featuring an unexpected "Nya!" from Gaon and an excellent guitar solo from Junhan. The members also have various credits on all songs, flexing their writing skills on top of their already impeccable vocals and instrumental ability.

From rock ballads to absolutely awesome electric shreds, the album showcases the range in which Xdinary Heroes currently operate, leaving us wondering what they could possibly do next. The album is now available globally on all major streaming platforms.

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