Solar Releases the Diverse Second Mini Album "Colours"

Mamamoo’s Solar returned with her second mini album after two years. This EP album "COLOURS" contains 6 songs of various genres with the ambition to show Solar's diverse charms through the keyword 'COLOUR'.

"We encourage the countless 'OURs' living together in the contemporary world to find their various original colors (OURS), including individuality, charm, identity, and values, and create a harmonious and colorful world by respecting each other's colors. The album name contains the meaning of ‘let’s go’."

Through this album, respect and reflection on 'diversity' are deeply expressed, and the more mature artist Solar even depicts the emotions and values ​​she feels when looking at the world.

'But I' Music Video

The title song 'But I' is a song that combines the R&B and rock genres to tirelessly take revenge on people who hurt them and shake them off. In addition, Solar's colorful colors will be showcased through six songs of different genres, including 'Colors', 'Empty', 'Honey Honey', 'Easy Peasy', and 'Blues', which convey the album's message.

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