The KingDom Revamps with 8th Mini Album "REALIZE"


On April 30, concept boy group The KingDom has returned with their 8th mini album, "REALIZE" bring in a new era.  As seen in the album title 'REALIZE', the members depict the process of realizing and finding new selves. Unlike previous conceptual music, it is filled with music that fans in the existing idol market can also enjoy.

The title song 'Flip that Coin' begins with a heavy bassline accompanied by the sound of a coin being thrown on the floor, and the composition showing a twist conveys freshness, and the addictive chorus and luxurious R&B vocals combine to amplify the enjoyment of listeners.

1. Flip that Coin
3. RusHush
5. Best Thing
6. Together

The KingDom held a showcase for their new album. Check out the first performance of 'Flip that Coin.' 

What do you think of The KingDom's new look, are you excited for the new era? Let us know @KpopWise

Ciera Reeves

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