ASC2NT Rises to Debut with First Single Album "Expecting Tomorrow"

On May 7, ASC2NT, the first 5-member boy group under New Ways Company, consisting of  Karam, Injun, Jay, Reon, and Kyle made their blooming debut with the first single album "Expecting Tomorrow." 

Karam, Injun, and Jay are from the 2ndg generation group DGNA which debuted in 2010 and are joined with new members Reon and Kyle. The team name was inspired by the word 'ASCENT', which means 'to rise' or 'ascend'. The number '2' in the team name symbolizes the beginning of a second life, and contains the ambition to rise to a higher place by starting a second life through strong will and passion. 

Through their debut album "Expecting Tomorrow," ASC2NT sings about the process of overcoming difficulties and the courage to find hope even in the darkness, and plans to deliver a message of passion and hope for dreams to listeners. 

The title song 'LOVE ME DO' is a medium tempo song using guitar and synth brass. The cheerful and addictive melody contains the hopeful and confident charm that a brighter tomorrow and a brighter future awaits than yesterday, such as 'Get over the wall that was blocking me' and 'Now I am the main character of my life.' 

'LOVE ME DO' Music Video 

In addition, "Expecting Tomorrow" includes 'The Reason', which shows lyrical sensibility, 'Beautiful Girl', which expresses one's yearning after falling love for a girl he was friends with, and 'LOVE ME'. DO (English ver.)', allowing you to experience ASC2NT's diverse musical capabilities. 

In particular, SWIN LEE, who worked on many idol songs such as U-KISS, LABOUM, B1A4, GWSN, Victon, and Trendz, participated as the general producer of ASC2NT's album and J. Rock of BANKTWOBROTHERS choreographed the title song. Expectations are high that they will participate and present high-quality music and stages.   

As ASC2NT makes a new start with extraordinary determination and passion. At their debut fan showcase ASC2NT said, 

"Thank you for joining us in our debut showcase. We have a great opportunity thanks to the fans who always support us so that we don't lose sight of our dreams. We will cherish that opportunity and do our best to bring you good music."

Meanwhile, Ascent will perform their title song for the first time on KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank', which will be aired on the 10th. A North American tour is in the works and planned for September 2024. More information will come soon on KpopWise.


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