BM Sizzles with Brand New EP "Element"

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KARD's BM is known for many things: his excellent pace of rap, effortless lyricism, and cheeky sense of humour. It's safe to say he’s delivered all of those things on his brand new ep titled “Element.” The release marks his 1st mini-EP that takes us through a cacophony of summery songs that are delectable, sweet, and a little bit sour.

Featuring Korean American rapper Jay Park on the title track ‘Nectar’ it's certainly a tasty treat; nevertheless, no BM song is complete without some well-placed innuendos. With lyrics in the chorus: “Take you down, down, make it spread wide/ Give me one taste of your nectar.” Of which led KBS declaring all of the tracks ‘unsuitable for broadcast.'

The singer-rapper who is often dubbed as adult K-pop, a term used by international K-pop fans who appreciate the more mature and explicit side of K-pop, easily achieves that with this release and continues to push the boundaries that many are reluctant to cross in K-pop. If that wasn’t enough, then the music video showcases his versatility as a star by displaying smooth and sultry choreography, which no doubt fans will be quick to replicate on social media.

Of course, far from the K-pop world, his EP explores various genres, which he self-produced, self-wrote, and arranged. Clearly inspired by Afro-beats, which feature heavily, particularly on the lead track, However, it flows cohesively and has created a well-rounded arc that leads to standout tracks such as ‘Motion’ and ‘BadGirl BadBoy’ featuring fellow KARD member Somin. As expected, the charisma together is the perfect way to round off a short and impressive EP. With a track list of just five songs, he’s delivered an excellent laidback EP, resulting in a top-notch solo effort. While it might not be the ideal music to play out loud in the office, it is without a doubt a summer soundtrack, and will have those listening simply in their element.

BM will soon be embarking on his first solo tour, ‘After The After Party’ starting on May 14th in Los Angeles, which will also be exclusively for ages 21+. Tickets here.

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