EASTSHINE Has First Comeback with Single 'Heartthrob'

the 7-member boy group (IEL, Hyun, Dongjae, Phoenix, Kharis, Youngkwang, and, Lumin) who debuted with their 1st mini album "EMBERS" late last year and hopes to become SHINE in Korea, located in the East. 

They have made their first comeback with the new digital single 'Heartthrob' on May 4. with lyrics written IEL, leader of EASTSHINE, this song can also be seen as the anticipated work of the next mini album. 

'Heartthrob' is a BPM95 medium-tempo hip-hop song with an addictive saxophone sound repeated from the intro and a dynamic performance and powerful energy from the hook. The song is a lively fusion of a brass-centered melody, dynamic and dynamic real drums, clear percussion, and a resonating bassline that lets you feel the groove. 

Since the term originated in the 1920s, it has embodied a timeless charm, and IEL wrote lyrics to convey its meaning even more deeply. ‘What is a dream?’, ‘If we have to go towards that dream, what should we do?’ Everyone has probably had these questions and concerns at least once. “The road to my dream is difficult and a series of repetitions, but music gives me energy and makes my heart beat. That’s why music becomes the driving force to move toward your dreams.” 

'Heartthrob' Music Video

Meanwhile, EASTSHINE are currently promoting on music programs. 


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