E'LAST Releases First Full Album "EVERLASTING"

E'LAST, has made a successful comeback with their first full-length album 'EVERLASTING' and its title track 'Gasoline' on May 2. 

The journey to find Utopia of the members of E'LAST as survivors on Earth, which was devastated by a planetary collision, is captured through the cinematic drama of the music video and brought to life with futuristic music and choreography that was different from the previous ones. 

'Gasoline' Music Video

E'LAST's first full-length album [EVERLASTING] has no time or space restrictions. This is a regular album filled with various aspects of E'LAST that have never been seen before, as the group's name contains the meaning of being by the listeners' side forever through their own music.

It expresses the symbolism of E'LAST and the conclusion of the worldview narrative, presented in two versions, 'Eternity', meaning temporal eternity, and 'Infinity', meaning spatial eternity. You can experience the new look of E'LAST that goes beyond.

The album's release was celebrated with a live showcase, where the E'LAST performed their new songs, and fans, known as ELRINGs, showed their support by sending lunch boxes to the event. 

The band's return has also been marked by their participation in KCON JAPAN 2024, where they are set to perform alongside other artists. This event is highly anticipated by fans, who are looking forward to seeing E'LAST on stage.


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