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Interview with TOZ
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On May 2, the boy group TOZ (ANTHONNY, HARUTO, YUTO, and TAKUTO) comprised of all Japanese members made their official Korean debut with their first mini-album "TO my new friends." This album is the beginning of the <PLAY ZONE> series in which TOZ seeks to portray the various colors and shapes of emotions contained in the minds of teenagers or young people in their early 20s through the voices of the four members. TOZ plans to tell a variety of stories that embody their identity using their bold, fresh, and sometimes warm and honest speaking style.

By releasing this album, TOZ gave a brilliant greeting to a new world. Just like the team's name, which means 'To Our Zone', the group wants to invite more people to TOZ's world through TOZ's unique music filled with sparkling and colorful melodies.

The title track 'NU SHOES' is a pop dance genre song that highlights the members' diverse charms by combining an emotional acoustic guitar on top of a funky drum base, rhythmic rapping, and a refreshing melody. It contains the confident message of TOZ, who will take steps without hesitation toward the unfolding future, and member HARUTO participated in writing rap lyrics for the first time.

NU SHOES Music Video

KW: TOZ congratulations on your Korean debut! Can you tell us about your song “NU SHOES”? What was the process like writing the lyrics? 

HARUTO: Our title track, "NU SHOES" is a song that has a positive meaning to wear new shoes and go higher! The writing process was easier than I thought! I was so happy and grateful that the teachers told me that I wrote the lyrics well! I think it became a good study and if I have a chance to write lyrics in the next album, I will try to do well!

KW: Are there any funny moments while filming the music video? 

YUTO: There was a scene where we filmed at the basketball court, and the moments when we played basketball with the members during the break between filming and filming were fun.

KW: Which member is the most different on-stage versus off-stage?

TAKUTO: I think HARUTO and YUTO are the most different! HARUTO is usually playful and active, but I think his seriousness on stage is his unexpected charm! YUTO is usually calm, but he performs like a lion on stage!

KW: What message do you want to convey to your fans through your music?

ANTHONNY: Through our own bright energy, we want to deliver the excitement that can only be felt in youth, and we hope that our music give energy to people.

KW: If you could describe TOZ using only three words, what would they be?

HARUTO: Cuteness / Energy / Pureness

KW: What color do you think matches each member and why? 

YUTO:  First of all, HARUTO is red. He's the most passionate member in the team and he has his own thoughts. Personally, I think it is his good point so I think red suits him! Then, TAKUTO is pink. He's always cute and He make me want to protect him. So I think he's pink because of his cute image, and lastly, ANTHONNY is yellow. I think he's like the sun. His personality is so bright that I naturally light up when I'm with him, so I think yellow suits him well

KW: What’s your favorite Korean food? Any particular food that all members love?

HARUTO: I really like Korean side dishes, and among them, I love bean sprout salad so much! The korean food all of our members like to eat is Seaweed stalks, a side dish too. 

KW: Do any of you have hidden talents or hobbies that your fans might not know about?

TAKUTO: I'm studying composition as a hobby. I hope to write my own songs and wish my songs included in our album later

KW: What are some milestones or goals TOZ aims to achieve this year?

ANTHONNY: Through our activities in Korea, we will stand on many stages and meet a lot of TOPAZ, and our goal is to meet our fans not only in Korea but also in other countries including Japan!

KW: Do you have a message to TOPAZ (fans) who support you?

HARUTO: First of all, I want to say thank you to the fans who always support us.

YUTO: Please give a lot of love for our new album, ‘TO my new friends’.

TAKUTO: And please look forward to our promotion.

ANTHONNY: Thank you for your time to read this article about us, TOZ! Bye!

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Special thanks to TOZ and YY Entertainment for the interview! 

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