SOOJIN Unleashes the "RIZZ" in 2nd EP Album

On May 23 SOOJIN released her 2nd EP album "RIZZ"  6 months after the first EP 'The Handmaiden." Through her new album, SOOJIN intends to attract her opponents with her bold and wild charisma and her innocent yet captivating appearance.

The title song 'MONA LISA' is a track that gives a mysterious and mysterious feeling with electric guitar and synth sounds on a bouncy Afrobeats rhythm. The lyrics boldly express a scene where the song captivates others with its subtle gaze and charm, like the Mona Lisa.

'MONA LISA' Music Video 

In addition, the b-side songs 'RIZZ ME UP', 'Lime', 'Swim', 'DROP TOP', and 'Summer Daze', which include genres such as UK Garage and alternative rock, feature trendy sounds and SOOJIN's sensuous vocals, maximize the completeness of the album.

Ciera Reeves

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