[Convention Review] MomoCon Atlanta 2024

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover

MOMOCON brings fans of anime, comics, video games, boardgames, and art of all kinds, together to celebrate their passion in this 4-day convention in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Every year, conventions that have been known to bring fans of all walks of life together add more activities to their repertoire. K-pop has been one of those things. Just over the last few years, conventions in the southeast United States have gone from zero or one K-pop-related panels to multiple per day ranging in anything from learning about individual artists, the anime to K-pop pipeline (and vice versa), and of course 'Random Play Dance,' aka just dancing to good music.

Lunar Krew hosted one of the first 'Random Play Dance' panels of the weekend. A room packed with fans, circled up to cheer each other on as they jumped in to show off their dance skills if they knew the choreography. It's a heartwarming sight and unmatched energy. 

Lunar Krew, a kpop cover dance crew
Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover

Pelby Panels, a rather infamous convention panel duo, presented their "K-pop Groups You Should Be Stanning" panel on day two of the convention. Arguably, one of the best parts of being a music fan, or fan of any kind, is finding out there is more to enjoy. Shelby and Peyton made this panel feel like a get-together at a friends house, encouraging interaction from the crowd and keeping the humor alive. They showcased a presentation of 6 new K-pop groups to potential new fans [and some seasoned fans]. Relating each group to songs attendees may already know, showing the glow-up of each group from debut to now, enticing lore, and fun facts, were great methods of helping con-goers open up their minds and playlists to new groups. If you like:
  • Stray Kids' "Back Door" -- you might like The KingDom's "Flip that Coin"
  • NCT Dream's "Smoothie" -- you might like 82MAJOR's "Choke"
  • DAY6's "Sweet Chaos" -- you might like N. Flying's "Moonshot"

Japanese street fashion, anime fashion, anime origins and storytelling, 'Vocaloid Metal,' and 'Japanese Music on the Rise' were just a few of the other panels and experiences attendees could find throughout MomoCon. 

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover & Camryn Bierria


While many panels remain powerpoint presentations so that fellow fans can educate and entertain one another, the hosts can truly make or break the experience. There are panels for nearly anyone and any topic, ranging from watching fan-made horror-style anime music videos to learning K-pop dances or making crafts to take home, and educational panels on the history and reasoning behind the things fans love are the way that they are. There's something comforting about sitting in a room full of people with like interests and learning more or helping someone else find something new they might like. 

As a con-goer, supporting individual artists and entrepreneurs comes with the territory of the merch hall and artist alley. With enough space to maneuver between artists, exhibits, and rest areas, the exhibit hall was impressive and well-laid out. One of the best features of an exhibit hall is fan-made art that may not even be inspired by the anime or game fans have come for but they fall in love with the craft before their eyes and leave home with a sunflower cow in a pot that simply came to fruition because someone had a vision. 

Cosplay, creating and wearing costumes of a favorite character, is one of the most popular forms of art and creativity that a convention like MomoCon has to offer. Often referred to as the 'Hallway Con,' attendees can find craftsman and characters of all genres and stylings in throughout the halls between panels and exhibits to make friends or simply take great photos of cool costumes. 

Photo Cr. Camryn Bierria


Peter Raymundo, one of the animators behind some of Disney's greatest films - Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, & more - sat down with MomoCon media teams to talk a bit more about his creative life. 

Raymundo's interview shed light on what it has been like to pursue a career in art that one is passionate about and what that life has led to as now an infamous animator who makes appearances at conventions like MomoCon. When asked his thoughts on the current state of animation, he shared that while he is focused on his books and doesn't have many thoughts on the animation industry right now, he hopes to see more original content from all the talent he knows remain in the animation industry. Delivering a great story is the key to great animation.

Being at MomoCon, surrounded by fellow creatives and fans allows for networking and chance encounters, but it also breeds emotions to see it all come together. Raymundo mentions that MomoCon [and many conventions] makes him feel like he never wants to leave.

"You meet a lot of people, you kind of meet a lot of people who are really emotional to meet you but it's so positive here. Everyone's happy, everyone wants to be here, everyone's accepted here. I just wish all of mankind was like this."

He goes on to bring the room to the brink of tears as he closes the conversation reminiscing on the love and compassion for others that conventions can gather. 

With the classic question any artist may receive, "What advice would you give to someone pursuing their dreams?" Raymundo said,

"Don't give up. The more specific your goal can be, the better. But then put your whole heart into it. Forget balance, you have to be practically obsessed with the thing. Understand how much work it is going to take and do not stop until you make it."

He mentions managing to create over 100 drawings a day for years prior to his work at the Walt Disney Company. The K-pop community is full of talented artists and fans alike; Our team at KpopWise attended this interview to share what might encourage anyone reading this to keep moving forward. A huge thank you to the MomoCon Media Team for arranging interviews and opportunities like this amidst the convention. 

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover & Camryn Bierria


The layout of MomoCon has grown exponentially since it's start in 2005 at Georgia Tech. Now spanning three halls and over four floors of activities, MomoCon had space enough for ease of walking from game-to-game in the  Hall. MomoCon hosts the largest gaming space in the Southeast, including tabletop and card games, PC LAN setups, competitive and casual tournaments, and a retro arcade floor. Multiple versions of similar games provided chances for all to play so that lines were not too long, and giant gaming observation spaces for both VR and PC tournament games were a great place to rest or join in the competition.

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover & Camryn Bierria


Conventions don't stop at regular business hours. Panels run into the night, well after 10pm, and events like the Jujutsu Kaisen Curse Cabaret, MomoCon Rave, and K-pop Rave kept fans enthralled into the early hours of the morning.

Don't miss a chance to join in on the fun in 2025, MomoCon registration has already begun!
Stay tuned at KpopWise.com for more event coverage! 

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Cheyenne is an Atlanta-based writer & photographer. K-Pop found her in 2020 and she's been hooked ever since. In her spare time, she is working on a novel and studying the Korean language. A multi-stan through-&-through, Cheyenne's favorite groups are Stray Kids, Ateez, Monsta X, basically every HYBE group ever, and the list goes on. Through her writing & photography, she hopes to shine the well-deserved spotlight on the passionate K-Pop artists that bring so much healing and joy to so many.

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