Fifth-Generation Singer GYUBIN Rises Like a "Satellite" with Second Single

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On June 26 singer GYUBIN has released her 2nd single "Satellite." 

In contrast to her debut single, “Really Like You” released back in January,  which was about falling in love for the first time in your teens, “Satellite” explores the other side of the “bright experiences” of being a teenager. The confusion, worry, and even the comfort needed in those times.  

“Now we’re halfway through 2024, I recently think about how fast time flies, and I’ll soon meet the end of my teenage days and step into the new journey of my 20s. Then I realized that ‘I’ am the true beginning of every new step that I’ll take along life’s journey, which gave me the trust to get over the fear.” 


The storyline in the “Satellite” music video is a continuation of the  music video for “Really Like You.” In the “Really Like You” music video, a meteor is seen falling in the very last scene. Shot in Serbia, in the music video for “Satellite,” fans will see GYUBIN searching for that very same meteor while another “GYUBIN” guides the way and circles around like a satellite. The music video invites viewers into GYUBIN’s own introspective adventure within the vast nature of Serbia and adds to GYUBIN’s overall hope to share her journey to adulthood with her fans as well as share more of her mature side within her music. 

“When I listen to this song, I feel overwhelmed by the grand sound filled with vocals and instruments and become emotional by being reminded of many lonely nights filled with too many thoughts while following the lyrics in the verse where I sang calmly. At the same time, I am encouraged by the exploding hook and elevating bridge, which gives me the desire to move forward powerfully. It is a mysterious song that will present various pictures like stars or satellites, just like the title, in the night sky, vast space, and cool summer wind depending on how each listener feels.” 

"Satellite" Music Video 

This release of “Satellite” comes two months after completing her collaboration project trilogy that began ahead of GYUBIN’s official debut. The trilogy is comprised of “Special” featuring Kim Jong Wan of NELL (April 2024), “Start To Shine” with GAEKO of Dynamicduo (November 2023), and “Scribble” with Wonstein (September 2023). As each song for this project was released, GYUBIN’s popularity has continued to soar and earned her the title of “super rookie.” “Really Like You” has now been streamed over 12 million times on Spotify and entered the Viral 50 Spotify Chart in various countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. 


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