MIN Reinvents Herself with New EP "PRIME TIME"

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Renowned singer and former Miss A member MIN released her new EP ‘PRIME TIME’ on June 21, 2024. This four-track project marks a significant evolution in MIN's career, featuring the lead single "PRIME TIME" in collaboration with female rapper Lil Cherry. The EP blends different genres and reflects her artistic growth since her time in the K-pop industry.

The EP ‘PRIME TIME’ represents MIN's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. According to MIN, the EP serves as a reflection of her entire journey, showcasing her determination to create the music she has always envisioned. Through this project, MIN aims to prove to herself and others that she has the ability to craft the music that truly resonates with her. The recording process was refreshingly organic, with MIN and her team creating music without external pressures or deadlines.

The lead track "PRIME TIME" is a powerful anthem all about empowerment and breaking free from the constraints of her K-pop past. Featuring the fierce and talented female rapper  Lil Cherry, the song blends vibrant pop melodies with edgy rap verses and electronic elements, creating a sound that is both fresh and captivating. The singer hopes that "PRIME TIME” will inspire listeners to embrace their individuality and feel confident in their own skin.

"PRIME TIME" Performance Video 

The last track on the EP, "Happy Plant (A Call From Grandma)", holds a special place in MIN's heart. In this touching addition, she shares a recorded phone conversation with her grandmother in Korea. Her grandmother excitedly recounts the blooming of their happy plant (Dracaena fragrans) in their home, a rare occurrence that holds special significance for them. It draws a poignant parallel to the transient nature of life. Just as the plant blooms and withers, so too does life, despite the challenges, life goes on, filled with opportunities for growth and renewal. Through this intimate exchange, MIN hopes listeners will appreciate and cherish the special people in their lives.

I hope that this EP is one that empowers people, that instills in the listeners hope and an empowerment that you, too, can live the way that you’d like without having to answer to any critics and naysayers.”


MIN's transition from the structured world of K-pop to the vibrant music scene in New York has profoundly impacted her artistry, and the EP precisely showcases her newfound freedom and sound.

In addition to her solo music career, MIN made her Broadway debut in the history-making musical "KPOP", showcasing her versatility as an artist and performer. Her accomplishments with Miss A and her continued success in the entertainment industry highlight her enduring talent and resilience.

To celebrate the release of ‘PRIME TIME’, Min hosted a special release party in New York on Friday, June 21st, 2024. The event marked the first live performance of the EP, offering fans an exclusive experience of MIN's latest work.

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