"Let's Get Started" with UKISS 13th Mini Album

On June 25, second generation group UKISS (Soohyun, Hoon, Kiseop, Alexander, and Eli) has returned with their 13th Mini Album "LET'S GET STARTED ahead of their 16th anniversary. 

This is a new album released about a year after the 15th anniversary album 'PLAY LIST' released in June last year, and it is like a signal announcing a new start for UKISS.

Through "LET'S GET STARTED," UKISS conveys its ambition to move forward without stopping its endless musical challenges. The new album contains a total of 5 songs of various genres such as pop ballad and techno pop, including the title song 'Stay with me' with a cool rock sound, showing U-Kiss' expanded musical world. The five members show off the strong bond of the '2nd generation representative boy group' with team chemistry that has been cultivated for a long time.

'Stay with me' Performance Video 

Prior to the release of the album, UKISS previewed their comeback by pre-releasing the b-side songs 'Morse code' and 'Beautiful you are', which have cheerful and refreshing charms. The album also includes the feel good pop song 'Love is You' and the updated 2024 version of the mega hit 'Man Man Ha Ni' originally released in 2009, a song which been beloved by the public for almost 15 years.

'Man Man Ha Ni' Performance Video 

Meanwhile UKISS will hold their 2024 fan concert "First Memories" on June 29. '2024 UKISS LIVE TOUR IN JAPAN More&More' in three cities in Japan in July. They plan to interact with fans at home and abroad with a rich set list that encompasses the group's narrative. In particular, this is the first time U-KISS has held a fan concert in Korea in 16 years since its debut, so it has a significant meaning for both U-KISS and its fans.


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