N.Flying Recaptures the Hearts of N.Fia with Single 'Into You'

On June 25, band N.Flying released their special digital single 'Into You' capturing the hearts of fans.

The single was created with the goal of continuously giving music to fans who are waiting for the full N.Flying, as one of the promises the members made together. It contains N.Flying's warm hearts that want to give fans a signal that the wait is not long.

'Into You'' is a self-composed song by N.Flying's leader Lee Seunghyub that captures the special in everyday life, and is a song that goes best with summer. The lyrics "I want to give you my all who came to my meaningless everyday life" will make you immerse yourself in the overwhelming moment of falling in love. Above all, Lee Seunghyub and Yoo Hweseung's refreshing vocals captivate your ears and color this summer with freshness.

In June 2024, N.Flying's solo concert '2024 N.Flying LIVE 'HIDE-OUT'' held, 'Into You' was pre-released and received a lot of attention. As it was full of N.Flying's colors, requests for an official release poured in through various SNS, etc. even after the concert. To repay the love of fans, N.Flying decided to release it as a digital single.

Thee song has quickly gained popularity among fans. As fans have expressed their excitement and love for the song, it has been trending on MelOn, a major music platform in Korea, reaching the number one spot on the real-time search. 

Many sharing their reactions and thoughts on social media. The song's lyrics have also been a topic of discussion, with fans praising them for their emotional impact. Seunghyub's costar in the drama Lovely Runner, popular actor Byeon Wooseok also posted the song to his social media showing his support. 

Listen to 'Into You' 

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