WeNU Returns with 1st Mini Album

On June 14, vocal group WeNU (Sunwoo, Heechan, Sunghwan, and Chanhyo) have returned with their 1st Mini Album "너의 집 앞을 걷다" (Walking in front of Your House), with title track of the same name. 

The song was written by the composing team Lee Hana who has been actively producing and has produced numerous drama OSTs. The sensual lyrics and sweet melody, along with WeNU's voices leave a great impression on the listeners. The visualizer video, directed by singer Kisu, showcases the groups exemplary vocals as well as handsome appearances.  

The third track '꼭 만나러 갈게' (I'll Definitely Go to Meet You) is a song written by member Chanhyo, and is a song filled with precious memories that do not lose their light even in the darkness. It expresses promises and expectations for loved ones with a soft and emotional melody and lyrics. WeNU's story is told through 'I'll Definitely Go to Meet You' which cherishes the time spent together and contains the heart of waiting for the day they meet again.

Other tracks on the album such as '이별이 아름다운 이유는' (The Reason Why Parting is Beautiful)'   '밤 하늘, 달과 별, 그리고 우리 (2024 Ver.)' Night Sky, Moon, Stars, and Us (2024 Ver.)' and an orchestra version and 2024 version of their debut song 'Haru Haru' written by MADEWELL and Z-UK both of WE:A.

Listen to "Walking in Front of Your House" 

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