[Exclusive Interview] Taz Singh on RM's "Lost, Support from Indian Armys, and Multicultural Success in Entertainment

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In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, Taz Singh stands out as a rising star whose journey has captivated audiences across cultures. Recently gaining widespread acclaim for his role in RM's music video "Lost," Taz's diverse talents and unwavering dedication have endeared him to fans worldwide. With nearly a decade of experience in the acting industry, Taz's story is one of perseverance, passion, and the relentless pursuit of his dreams. Starting his career without any connections in the industry, Taz relied on his intrinsic motivation and a strong support system of friends and mentors to navigate the challenging landscape of acting.

With fluency in Korean, Mandarin, and conversational Japanese, Taz's multicultural background has enriched his acting career, allowing him to connect deeply with various audiences. His recent success in a Korean project is a testament to his versatility and commitment to embracing new opportunities. Taz's dedication to his craft and ability to balance his academic pursuits with his passion for acting serves as an inspiration. In this interview with KpopWise, Taz shares his experiences, insights, and future aspirations, offering a glimpse into the life of a talented actor poised for a promising future in the global entertainment industry.

RM "Lost" Music Video 

KW: I want to first of all congratulate you on the release of the "Lost" music video. It received such an amazing response, of course, as expected from such a supportive fan base. However, I also saw how they have embraced you in the music video. But first of all, can we learn more about you and how you got your start in the entertainment industry?

Taz: Nice to meet you. My name is Taz Singh. I started acting about 10-11 years ago. That was my initial drive for going into acting, and I was very new to it. I didn't really have anyone to guide me. I had no friends or family in the industry at all, so it was a very new world I was trying to enter. But it was my passion, and I thought, you know, this is what I want to do. I will somehow try and make it happen and get there. I knew it would be difficult, but it's something I feel is worth it to me. So yeah, time went on, and I trained. I got as many lessons as I could, got different lessons, and I got my agent. Then I moved up and got another agent. Slowly, I got a lot of hands-on experience and learned the craft as well as the business side. And then, yeah, I was doing my best. Along the way, I've done some things like Indian films, but all of a sudden, this Korean project came along, and it was just amazing. I was full of joy. The whole project has been absolutely beautiful.

KW: Awesome. I love that you are pursuing your passions!

Taz: Yeah, it's, well, to be honest, when I was younger, I was going down the academic route, and I still kept up my studies while trying to act at the same time. That was challenging, but I never gave up. It was just something that I felt if there's something I could do every day, like that, it wouldn't feel like work. It's something that I can do for hours and hours and still feel good, regardless of external circumstances. Whether it takes me somewhere or not, acting is that thing for me.

KW: As a model student, how did you manage to balance your academic pursuits and your passion for acting?

Taz: Strict time management. I had to be really efficient and prioritize well. I'm all about having good energy around, like good friends and a good vibe. That's also important—your social life, who's in your life, who's actually helping you along the way with good intentions and good energy. Staying out of drama and negative or toxic situations was crucial for me. It helped me stay focused and study hard. When I did something, I focused completely—no music, no distractions. I would dedicate an hour to learning a book or reading and try my best each time. With acting, sometimes you have a lot of work, and sometimes there are quiet periods. I balanced auditions with upcoming exams and whatever else I was doing.

KW: That's really amazing that you're able to do this. A lot of people struggle to focus on one task at a time and get overwhelmed.

Taz: I think we all do. It's human. Even I sometimes get overwhelmed, but I handle it better now. I have ways to manage it.

KW: You're a polyglot with a certificate in Korean and Mandarin, and you have conversational Japanese skills. What motivated you to learn so many languages? Many K-pop fans want to learn Korean, so do you have any tips for them?

Taz: I do. There are some books I can recommend that helped me pass the TOPIK exam. My story is like this: I started learning Japanese and Korean because I grew up with Asian friends in high school. That was my first introduction to K-pop, like Big Bang and other Korean music. Slowly, I got more immersed in the culture and the language. I spoke Korean with my Korean friends back in 2013, and over time, I got better. About two years ago, I took my TOPIK exam and passed. Having that certificate might give me more opportunities in acting and other areas. Growing up with Asian friends and culture was a big part of my motivation. I even joked with my friends about working on a Korean project someday, and ten years later, here I am in a Korean music video. Currently, I'm in Japan. I haven't taken any exams in Japanese, but I've been here for a while. I speak conversationally well enough to do scripts, lines, and improvise, and I can communicate with people without relying too much on English. I'm still improving, but it's enough to get by, make friends, and have a good time.

KW: Amazing. Even if you're not perfect, just actively working on it helps a lot. Many people are scared because they won't be perfect right away. But diving in and using the language while practicing helps you get better over time.

Taz: Exactly. Looking back, there was never a situation where I was ready or perfect. I just had to do it and figure out a way around it. Throwing myself into situations knowing I'm imperfect helped me a lot.

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KW: I agree. So, let's get to your recent appearance in RM's music video "Lost." It's currently trending worldwide. What was that experience like working on this project?

Taz: It was amazing. Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed it a lot. I want to say a big thank you to RM, the creative director, and the entire crew for their hard work and creative inspiration to see what you see know. The whole cast and crew, were fantastic. The vibe on set was great, and I made such great friends.

KW: I watched it, and it's such a unique music video. The videography is really interesting and captures your attention in many ways. Do you have any funny stories from behind the scenes?

Taz: There are many good times. One time, I was on wires for a scene where we were elevated quite high. RM gets up from the bottom floor, he goes through all these people and goes all the way to the top, and at the top you see his head come up through a hole. It was challenging but fun to shoot. The effort put into it was immense, and it was a bit scary but rewarding.

KW: A lot of things in the video seemed difficult to film, so I'm sure a lot of effort went into it.

KW: K-pop fans make reaction videos to music videos. Do you know anything about them? Like, whenever a music video is released, there are channels on YouTube or TikTok where fans react to them. Have you seen any fan reactions to the new music video?

Taz: Yes, I've seen some on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. I laughed and was really happy to see the positive impact. It made me feel joy to connect with people and make them happy. It's been great to see the BTS Indian Army fans' reactions and support.

KW: I've noticed that many Indian BTS fans are proud to see a fellow Indian in the music video. It's like two worlds combining—seeing someone from their culture with someone they are a fan of. Do you have any words for the Indian Army?

Taz: Yes, I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support. It means a lot to me and is very encouraging. If it makes everyone happy, it's all worth it. I'm really enjoying this journey and appreciate all the warm messages and love. I'll keep doing my best as an actor to connect with more people and make them happy.

KW: Are there any roles or genres you'd like to explore in the future?

Taz: I'm open to all genres. It's more about the story, script, and character. I'd love to work more in Korea and show my love and support for Korean culture. I've had an audition for a Korean drama, and we're in talks, so we'll see what happens.

KW: What helps you stay motivated, both professionally and personally?

Taz: The BTS Army fans and their warm comments motivate me a lot. Having good people around you is crucial. Hard work is important, but you need support and good energy along the way. If my acting makes others happy, it's all worth it. That's my motivation and drive.

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KW: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors, especially those from different cultural backgrounds?

Taz: Yes, take as many lessons as you can and learn the craft. Find something that works for you individually. Confidence comes from learning and practicing different techniques. It's important to tap into different emotional ranges and feel capable as an actor.

KW: Can you share a little bit more about your upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about?

Taz: Yes, I have some projects in Japan that I can't talk about yet. In Bollywood, there are some Indian films coming out later this year. There's a Sports Crime series on Amazon Prime, season 2, which I filmed last year. It's coming out soon, and there are plans for season 3. The production is very passionate about sports, and the story is very interesting.

KW: You have a bright future ahead. We're so proud of you and hope to see more of you, especially in Korean entertainment.

Taz: Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. I'll keep working hard and stay motivated. I'm really fired up right now and ready to keep going. Thank you for the support!

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