Verivery's "Crazy" Teamwork Thrills Fort Worth Crowd

Verivery's "GO ON" tour arrived at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater on June 21, 2024. Despite touring as 4, the stage was full of the kind of energy that only seasoned idols can create.

Since 2019, each member worked on developing individual, diverse sets of talents which aid their synergy as a group, even when performing as a smaller unit.

The set list included songs such as "Tag Tag Tag," "Lay Back," "Ring Ring Ring," and their most recent release, "Crazy Like That" in addition to covers of other artists' songs. There were also activities throughout the show such as question and answer portions and the members giving flowers to fans.

KpopWise appreciates being provided the opportunity to experience this event. Please have a look at our gallery from the night below!

Verivery's socials:

X: @the_verivery

Instagram: the_verivery


TikTok: the_verivery

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