Upcoming Boy Group OMEGA X Announced

Upcoming boy group Omega X has been announced. 

Spire Entertainment posted a mysterious photo containing the silhouettes of 11 members of Omega X, through its official Twitter account at midnight on March 2nd. The phrases of the group name 'Omega X' and 'Your Boys Have Come Back 2021' in the photo, stimulated viewers' curiosity.

The 'Omega' of the group's name Omega X is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, meaning 'the end' and 'the last', which conveys the ambition of becoming the 'final king' of the K-POP market.

The trailer video was previously released on the official website.

In particular, Omega X is known as an “Avengers”-level project group, raising expectations. This is because all the members are from audition programs and the main actors of the existing boy group. The group is expected to show amazing performances and visuals that are not like rookies.

Global Kpop fans are gathering, showing interest. An official from Spire Entertainment said, “We are going to introduce Omega X's unique worldview that can satisfy fans around the world in sequence. We ask for your interest in the future activities of Omega X.”

On the other hand, Omega X, which announced a 'hot debut' in the music industry in 2021, will begin a full-fledged debut countdown starting with the release of the member-specific trailer video and official logo on the 15th.

Source: Naver

Kpop fans have already begun speculating potential members of this new supergroup, such as former members of the project group 1THE9. 

Stay tuned to KpopWise for updates about Omega X as well as more idols and artists!

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