🌸 Kpop Idols With Pink Hair That Resembles Cherry Blossoms 🌸

🌸 Kpop Idols With Pink Hair That Resembles Cherry Blossoms 🌸


Felix, Cr: realstraykids

Cherry blossoms have bloomed and many Kpop idols are enjoying the scenes by sharing photos on their SNS pages. Over the years many idols have tried a pink hairstyle. Some hairstyles are such a lovely shade of pink that they resemble Cherry blossom petals. Although some of us can not see Cherry blossoms in person, we can enjoy seeing our favorite idols rocking the pink hair looks! Check out the video below we collaborated with KPOP4real for some of our picks of idols with hair that resembles Cherry Blossoms! 

Cr: YouTube Kpop4real 

Idols mentioned in the short

TWICE Chaeyoung
EXO Baekhyun
GFriend Yerin
Ateez San
MonstaX Hyungwon

Who are some of your favorite idols who have rocked pink hair? 

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