OnlyOneOf Releases "Instinct Pt. 1" EP and "libidO" Music Video

On April 8th, OnlyOneOf released their EP album "Instinct Pt. 1" Check out the explaination of the EP below. 

OnlyOneOf’s [Instinct Part. 1] is a cinematic album that tells a storyline, just like watching a movie.

The kind of love that The Boy Wearing COMME des GARÇONS feels is just like having a fever during the summer. The emotion of love of the boy, who is yet to become a grown-up, is quite impulsive and fickle. With the piano playing like the ripples across the heart, OnlyOneOf’s cinematic album begins. 

The title track “libidO” shares the boy’s impulsive mind through the expressions of S.Freud. The mind’s energy “libidO” is considered as a feeling that shouldn’t be openly talked about in real life and should be concealed, so its existence is often denied. However, the more the boy tries to suppress “libidO”, the stronger it gets and the more impact it has on his subconscious behavior. 

OnlyOneOf has been experimenting its musical spectrum and solidifying its depth with each album. Now, the group’s own musical colors are even more clarified. The group’s unique style of decadence and contemporary sound are conjoined just like DNA binding to create the new sound that is “libidO”. 

The subconsciousness of “libidO” naturally flows to “Instinct”. The gratifying sound of guitar strokes makes the boy’s heart beat faster. The boy lets himself go all out on falling in love faster and faster by instinct. Fans who have been showing their love to OnlyOneOf since the group’s debut will enjoy finding out that this song’s “the lip balm you gave me” part has a connection to “savanna”, the group’s debut song. 

“byredO” and “libidO” stand against each other just like mirrors. Love can be a blessing while also be so cruel. Just like how even a pleasant scent can become too strong when sprayed too much, love also becomes bitter as obsession grows stronger. OnlyOneOf’s signature genre art pop, which was presented through “picassO” and “dOra maar”, evolves further with “byredO”. 

“tear of gOd” tells a story of the boy, who has indulged himself in impulse, having a conversation with god. Through this music, all members expressed the boy making an effort to reach the voice of god by singing in female singers’ vocal range. The voice of god is presented through the melody created by a synthesizer. 

Through the last track of the album, the boy’s narrative of impulse ends with his confession in a low-lying voice: 

“I called it you but it was actually me.”

"libidO" Music Video 

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