[Week Roundup: April 4 - 10] Songs by Signal. QOS, and withus

[Week Roundup: April 4 - 10] Songs by Signal. QOS, and withus


On April 7th, four-member group Signal has returned with their 2nd single, "GoodBye" which is a lovely ballad showing off their sensitive and expressive vocals. "GoodBye" was written and composed by singer-songwriter Damian. Many fandoms of other groups are currently showing their support for Signal in their comments. Check out the music video above. 

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Three-member vocal girl group QOS has released their new single "All Love" on April 9th.  "All Love" is an uplifting song about supporting someone you care about. Take a listen to song in the video above. 

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On April 5th rookie boy group withus has returned with their 2nd single album [ DOKKEBI; Ground ] along with a performance video. The song blends hiphop and traditional Korean music. withus debuted in November 2020, with "Dogaebi." The group has maintained their traditional element style since then. Check out the performance video above. 

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