15 Halloween 2021 Dance Practice Videos

It's that spooky time of the year again! Many Kpop groups have join the trend of uploading special Halloween-themed dance practices of their songs. This year some of the top costumes are; Harley Quinn, Cruella, Chucky, The Joker, Annabelle, vampires, characters from Harry Potter, and characters from Squid Game. It would be a fun game to count how many of each you can find today. 

Seeing one's favorite idols in scary, cool, silly, or cute costumes is a delight for many fans. What if you're a multi-fan? There is tons of content to consume in one day! We have complied a list of 15 groups to check out! Which is your favorite video? 

Ciipher - "Blind"

TXT - "0x1 Love Song" 

PURPLE KISS - "Zombie"

NCT127 - "Favorite (Vampire)" 

JUSTB - "Tick Tock" 

Bling Bling - "Milkshake"

GOLDEN CHILD - "Pump it Up"

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BLITZERS - "Will Make a Mistake"

OMEGA X - "Whats Goin' on"

DKB - "Rollercoaster" 

N.CUS - "Get Out"

bugAboo - "bugAboo"

BI - "Remember Me"

Pink Fantasy - "Poison"

WEI - "Bye Bye Bye" 


THE BOYZ - "Maverick" (Practice Teaser / Coming Soon)

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