The Top 10 Highest Scoring Wins on "Inkigayo"

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Since first going to air back in July, 2004, SBS' "Inkigayo" has aired 1,126 episodes, with thousands of groups performing tens of thousands of performances.

Here's a quick recap of how their current scoring system works:

  • Broadcast - ~8.7% (1,000 points)
  • Digital - ~47.8% (5,500 points)
  • Physical - ~8.7% (1,000 points)
  • SNS - ~26.1% (3,000 points)
  • Live vote - ~4.3% (500 points)
  • Pre-vote - ~4.3% (500 points)

"Inkigayo" features a Triple Crown system that only allows a song to win three times before it is no longer eligible.

Today, we take a look at the highest-scoring performances on "Inkigayo" of all time.

10th: SHINee - "Everybody" (10,735 points)

"Hello, we are the shining contemporary band, SHINee!"

First up on our list, in tenth place, is the ever-popular boy group SHINee.

The group's 2013 hit "Everybody" was so popular that one of its wins nearly achieved a perfect score on "Inkigayo".

The song received a total of 10,735 points during the broadcast on 27 October, 2013.

SHINee's "Everybody" win on "Inkigayo" was the songs fourth win (out of five total), and marked the group's 39th music show win overall.

9th: SHINee - "View" (10,850 points)

Rightfully taking a second spot in this list immediately following their previous position, it's SHINee again!

This time appearing over eighteen months later with yet another massive hit song, "View" achieved an even higher score than their previous winning song.

Coming in with a total of 10,850 points (just 150 points shy of a perfect score), the song made the win on 7 June, 2015.

The win was the song's eighth, and marked the group's 49th win overall.

8th: BIGBANG - "Loser" (10,909 points)

The first artist on the list not to be SHINee goes to another long-time boy group who have made waves in the K-pop industry.

BIGBANG make their first entry onto this list (yes, they come back again later) of "Inkigayo" win with "Loser", which achieved a score of 10,909 points on 10 May, 2015.

Despite being the predecessor to the much more famous "Bang Bang Bang", "Loser" actually has eleven wins (seven more than the aforementioned song), of which this win was its second.

This marked BIGBANG's 58th music show win.

7th: BTS - "Fake Love" (10,918 points)

"2, 3. Bangtan! Hello, we are BTS!"

The BTS entry making their debut on the "Inkigayo" list is "Fake Love".

Another high-scoring entry from the world's most famous boy group, "Fake Love" managed to achieve 10,918 points on the "Inkigayo" broadcast on 3 June, 2018.

The win marked the eighth win for "Fake Love", and the group's 41st music show win overall.

6th: Girls' Generation - "Mr. Mr." (10,974 points)

"Right now, it's Girls' Generation! Tomorrow, it's Girls' Generation! Forever, it's Girls' Generation!"

It's Girls' Generation's "Mr. Mr." which comes in sixth on this list of "Inkigayo" highest-scoring wins.

The girl group that shot K-pop to fame in the Western world during the Hallyu wave of the late 2000's and early 2010's received a near-perfect score of 10,974 points during the shows's 9 March, 2014 broadcast.

The high-scoring win was the second of nine for "Mr. Mr.", and marked SNSD's 70th win.

=1st: BTS - "Boy with Luv" (11,000 points)

"2, 3. Bangtan! Hello, we are BTS!"

BTS make their comeback onto the list of the highest-scoring "Inkigayo" wins at the beginning of a five-way tie for first place.

Just as a reminder, and in case you haven't read the previous five articles in this series (and please do check them out), ties are decided by the date of the win, with newer releases ranking earlier, and older wins at the bottom rounding out the list.

For BTS' return to the list, we have "Boy with Luv", their massive hit that garnered 21 music show wins.

Their 11,000 point score on "Inkigayo" came on 28 April, 2019. It marked the song's 20th win, which also marked BTS' 75th music show win.

=1st: EXO - "Monster" (11,000 points)

"We are one. We are EXO!"

EXO really were the "Monster" group for K-pop for a time, winning the Album of the Year Award five years in a row at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

"Monster" was just one of their massive hits, and it isn't surprising that the group got an amazing 11,000 point score from the song on "Inkigayo" on June 19, 2016.

The win was the third for "Monster", and the 71st music show win for the group.

=1st: BIGBANG - "Let's Not Fall In Love" (11,000 points)

Another of the entries tied at the top of the list goes to BIGBANG's "Let's Not Fall In Love".

On 23 August, 2015, "Let's Not Fall In Love" achieved a score of 11,000 points on "Inkigayo", giving the group their second title on this list.

It was the fifth and final win "Let's Not Fall In Love" would receive, and was BIGBANG's 79th music show win.

=1st: B2ST - "Good Luck" (11,000 points)

The second-to-last entry to make the list comes from B2ST's "Good Luck".

"Good Luck" was one of the first songs to receive a perfect score of 11,000 points on the show, and marks one of B2ST's greatest wins as a group.

The 29 June, 2014 perfect score was the fourth win "Good Luck" received throughout its promotions. The successful song received a total of ten most music show wins for B2ST. It also marked the group's 26th music show win.

=1st: Trouble Maker - "Now" (11,000 points)

What makes Trouble Maker's "Now" so special when it comes to the SBS music show "Inkigayo"? It's the very first song to receive a perfect score of 11,000 points on the show.

The feat was achieved on the "Inkigayo" episode broadcast on 10 November, 2013, and was the fifth win the group had received for the song.

It was also the ninth music show win the group had received overall.

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