[Exclusive] Interview: TEMPEST Brings Us the Good News and Answer iE's Questions

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TEMPEST is the highly anticipated super rookie 7-member boy group from Yuehua Entertainment. With various experiences in performances and television shows, the group is well prepared to sweep the K-pop world up in their storm. The members LEW, HANBIN, HWARANG, HYEONGSEOP, EUNCHAN, TAERAE, and HYUK have swiftly captured the hearts of fans around the world with their great talents and loveable energy. 

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KpopWise was fortunate to catch up to TEMPEST and ask them some of the top questions that their fans are curious about. Let’s check out what they had to say!


The global iE congratulate you for debuting! Everyone says that TEMPEST was worth the wait. They are so proud of you! How do you feel after debuting?


HYUK: We are Tempest and we’ve debuted with our debut album “It’s ME, It’s WE” on March 2nd. We are excited and happy to be working every day! We will constantly do our best and show all of you the best version of ourselves. Thank you!


LEW: I’m thrilled to have debuted when I consider how long we prepared. I’m happy that we are now able to show ourselves to our heart’s content and I’m excited every day with the thought of making precious memories with our fans. Also, I would like to sincerely thank our beloved iEs.


What was a fun moment while shooting the music video?


HWARANG: I was the first to go on shoot during the filming of the music video. We used a toilet as a prop since we had a bathroom setting, but the toilet broke after I made some explosive gestures during the shoot. I felt embarrassed and sorry during the short time it took to fix the broken toilet and it felt like hours passed.


HANBIN: There was a scene where we had to dance on a very high platform. It was scary at first, but as we started to shoot, we didn’t think much of it and instead had a wonderful time dancing.


Who is the funniest member these days?


LEW: TAERAE is good at joking around with the older members, always creates a fun atmosphere and is excellent at “aegyo.” He’s a cute “maknae” (youngest member).


HWARANG: HYEONGSEOP has been making me laugh a lot recently. I love how he has great and amusing reactions to everything.


What were your first impressions of each other?



  • HYEONGSEOP- Soft and squishy
  • HYUK- So pale
  • LEW- So cute
  • HWARANG- So special
  • EUNCHAN- So tall
  • TAERAE- Low voice so nice


  • HANBIN- He was bubbly and cute
  • HYUK- He was calm and quiet
  • LEW- His eyes were pure and bright
  • HWARANG- He seemed to be full of confidence
  • EUNCHAN- I thought he was so good-looking
  • TAERAE- He had a nice smile


  • HANBIN- Cute, pure, and bright
  • HYEONGSEOP- Polite and well-mannered
  • LEW- Oh, a celebrity!
  • HWARANG- He’s so good at dancing
  • EUNCHAN- He’s so tall..
  • TAERAE- His voice was different than what I had expected


  • HANBIN- He looked pure and bright
  • HYEONGSEOP- He was good-looking
  • HYUK- He seemed cold
  • HWARANG- He seemed shy
  • EUNCHAN- He was tall
  • TAERAE- He was cute


  • HANBIN- The minute I saw him, he is bright like the sun
  • HYEONGSEOP- He looks cool
  • HYUK- A duke
  • LEW- He is adorable
  • EUNCHAN- He is tall
  • TAERAE- Older brother figure


  • HANBIN- Cute
  • HYEONGSEOP- dignified demeanor
  • HYUK- Fair-skinned
  • LEW- Strong
  • HWARANG- Rascal
  • TAERAE- Deep voice


  • HANBIN- Cutie
  • HYUK- I want to get close to him.
  • LEW- I like his fashion style.
  • HWARANG- Well-mannered
  • EUNCHAN- Quiet


Who are your roommates?


EUNCHAN: We live in two separate rooms with HYEONGSEOP, TAERAE, and myself in one room, and HWARANG, HANBIN, LEW, and HYUK in the other. The room I’m in is generally quiet and calm while the room next door is noisy and lively.


If you could produce a TEMPEST reality show, what would you do?


HYUK: I would like to travel in Korea or overseas and film content such as experiencing various foods, visiting night markets, and sightseeing!


What languages would you like to learn?


HYEONGSEOP: First of all, all the members are learning Vietnamese from HANBIN. There are many languages I would like to learn, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. I think it would be great to have each of our members be in charge of speaking one foreign language so that we can communicate well with iEs in each country.


Who exercises the most?


TAERAE: I also exercise quite a bit on a regular basis, but LEW exercises even more than I do.

Do you play an instrument?


LEW: I’m currently learning piano and I often practice on my own. I started learning it to compose music and I am having a great time playing it.


HYUK: I haven’t been able to practice while preparing for our debut, but I can play the guitar a little bit.


The fans love your song covers. Is there another song you want to cover?


HWARANG: Before our debut, “Horangi” (Korean for tiger) was one of the choices for my stage name. In that sense, I would like to cover SuperM’s song “Tiger Inside” (Korean title: “Horangi”).


 What is something you admire about each other?


HYUK: I admire LEW’s leadership skills and prudence, and I envy and admire HANBIN’s energy and positive outlook.


TAERAE: I admire the fact that all of our members are always full of energy, have amazing attitude, and how they pass on good energy.


What color represents you the best?


HANBIN: I believe that each of us has different colors. We combined these various colors to create the current TEMPEST. Like the seven colors of the rainbow, I hope we can bring rich and emotional music to the public and our fans.


When you go on tour, what food do you want to try?


HYEONGSEOP: All of our members like to eat anything! I would like to try anything since we aren’t picky eaters. I personally really want to eat IN-N-OUT when we go to the U.S. someday.


What is your life motto?



HYEONGSEOP: Everything changes. What changes isn’t me.

HYUK: This too shall pass.

LEW: Right mind, right way.

HWARANG: Life with beliefs and balance

EUNCHAN: Let’s enjoy every day

TAERAE: There are times when it’s better not to think at all.


What concept do you want to try in the future?


EUNCHAN: I would like to try a hip-hop concept someday. I think it will be an opportunity to really show the “hip” feeling and power that our team has.


What goals do you want to achieve as a group?


LEW: Not only winning the Rookie of the Year Award, but I also hope to continue to promote TEMPEST with our music and achieve excellent results. I definitely want for us to win Billboard and Grammy awards and, as a result, TEMPEST to become a legendary group that represents our time and makes a positive impact on many people.


We look forward to what TEMPEST has in store for us in the future! Please continue to show your support to them! 

Special thanks to Reels Corporation, Yuehua Entertainment and TEMPEST for the interview.

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