The Highest Scoring Wins on "Music Bank"

Since first going to air back in June, 1998, KBS' "Music Bank" has aired 1,107 episodes, with thousands of groups performing tens of thousands of performances.

Here's a quick recap of how their current (new) scoring system works:

  • Digital music charts - 65%
  • Album sales - 5%
  • Number of times broadcast on KBS TV only - 20%
  • Viewers choice charts - 10%
  • Social media charts - 5%

Unlike with other music shows, which have maximum scores of 10,000 or 11,000 points, "Music Bank" has a maximum possible score of 200,000 points, leading to some interestingly large scores over the years.

Today, we take a look at the highest-scoring performances on "Music Bank" of all time. But, unlike with the other music shows, only four songs fill these slots.

Girls' Generation - "Run Devil Run" (21,223 points)

"Right now, it's Girls' Generation! Tomorrow, it's Girls' Generation! Forever, it's Girls' Generation!"

Girls' Generation's hit song "Run Devil Run" holds one of the ten positions as the highest points-getters on KBS' "Music Bank" of all time, coming in ninth.

During the 2 April, 2010 broadcast of the show, the group managed to receive a total of 21,223 points.

The win marked Girls' Generation's 37th music show win, and was their first win with the song "Run Devil Run", which went on to receive three more music show wins.

Although this song only holds one position, Girls' Generation holds three of these slots, so they'll be back in the list later.

G-Dragon - "Heartbreaker" (21,322 points)

"Heartbreaker" was G-Dragon's solo debut into the world of K-pop, alongside being a member of the hit group BIGBANG.

And what a debut. "Heartbreaker" received a total of 11 wins throughout its promotions. But it's September 4, 2009 win of KBS' "Music Bank" comes in as the eighth-highest points-getter in the shows history.

21,322 points is nothing to scoff at. It was the highest number of points any song had ever gotten at that point in the show's history, and held the title for five months before it was dethroned by the next entry on our list.

Girls' Generation - "Oh!" (23,077 points)

GG is back with their second entry on this list with "Oh!"

"Oh!" actually takes up two of the places on this list - sixth and fourth. Their sixth-place entry was on 12 February, 2010, with 22,689 points, while their fourth-place entry was one week earlier on 5 February, 2010, with 23,077 points.

These were the song's first and second wins, and the group's 29th and 30th music show wins.

Psy - "Gangnam Style" (30,454 points)

The fact that this hasn't already come up in one of the previous articles in this series is honestly quite astonishing.

For many western fans of K-pop music, "Gangnam Style" may just have been their first foray into the world, in all of it's crazy glory.

"Gangnam Style" became globally famous for being the first video on YouTube to reach 1 billion views. But it didn't stop there.

Currently the video sharing sites eleventh most viewed video of all time, the song has been seen more than 4.35 billion times on YouTube. The music video also features cameos from Hyuna (formerly of 4Minute), the nation's emcee Yoo Jae-suk, television personality Noh Hong-chul, and "Korea's Got Talent" dancer Hwang Min-woo.

The video held the title of YouTube's most-viewed video for 1,689 days (around four-and-a-half years).

And, when it comes to KBS' "Music Bank", the viral popularity of the song helped it to hold six of the top ten positions of highest-scoring wins on the show. The song has eighteen music show wins.

The high scores are as follows:

  • 10th (14 September, 2012) - 21,085 points
  • 7th (24 August, 2012) - 21,399 points
  • 5th (31 August, 2012) - 22,737 points
  • 3rd (19 October, 2012) - 24,483 points
  • 2nd (5 October, 2012) - 28,006 points
  • 1st (12 October, 2012) - 30,454 points

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