New HBO Max Series "Beyond the Wardrobe" to Star K-Pop Idols

Ford Carter

HBO Max has officially announced a new upcoming romantic fantasy drama called "Beyond the Wardrobe", set to air in 2023.

The drama, currently being filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, tells the story of an ordinary teenage girl (Carol) of Korean descent who wishes to distance herself from anything related to Korean culture, before accidentally discovering a magical portal in her wardrobe that leads her to the dormitory of famous K-pop boy group ACT.

The role of Carol will be played by Korean-Brazilian actress Sharon Blanche, while the roles of the member of ACT include soloist Kim Woojin (as Kyungmin), NEWKIDD's Jinkwon (as Daeho), XRO's Yoon Jaechan (as Chul), and Lee Min Wook (as Mok).

This marks the first time that South Korean stars have been cast in one of HBO Max's global projects, and will be available to an audience of more than 74 million subscribers worldwide.

Are you excited to see Woojin, Jinkwon, Jaechan, and Minwook in HBO Max's "Beyond the Wardrobe"? Let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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