"The Origin: A, B, Or What?" - Episodes 3 & 4 Review

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IST Entertainment's survival show "The Origin: A, B, Or What?" has continued with the beginning of the second round over the last two weeks, with the twelve remaining trainees competing for a spot in the final line-up.

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Check out the episode 1 recap for more about how "The Origin" works.

Episode 3 Recap

The second "balance game" in the show is based around concepts, with the twelve trainees equally split into Team A and Team B - one team to compete with a hard concept and the other to compete with a soft concept.

Team A is chosen to have the harder concept, and will be competing with The Boyz's "The Stealer", while Team B is chosen to have the softer concept, and will be competing with The Boyz's "Thrill Ride".

Much of the third episode is centred around six members of The Boyz - Younghoon, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, and Sunwoo - mentoring the two groups in order for them both to have the best possible performances.

The first performance of the round takes place with Team A consisting of Jinwook, Junho, Yeonkyu, Junseok, Rakwon, and Wonbin performing "The Stealer" by The Boyz. But, before the experts announce the "death" and the "ace" card, the episode cuts.

You can watch episode 3 with English subtitles below:

Episode 4 Recap

Following the first performance of the round, its time to see how the second competing team - Team B - shapes up.

Team B, consisting of Hyunjun, Seunghwan, Minseo, Jaehoon, Junmin, and Donghwa, perform "Thrill Ride" by The Boyz. Their cute / fresh concept song also features a short dance break in the middle, allowing the members to showcase their harder concept abilities as well.

Following both performances, the live audience votes, and the win is given to Team A's performance of "The Stealer" by just eight votes.

Up until this point, the host has been mentioning the possibility of the losing team having all of their members eliminated. However, it turns out that there is more to play for.

First of all, the mentors announce who the ace card of the losing team and the death card of the winning team are, and make them change places. The losing team's ace card was awarded to Ryu Junmin, while the winning team's death card was awarded to Wonbin.

Now, the remaining five members of the losing team and Wonbin are given thirty minutes in order to prepare a performance to showcase their talents. From these six performances, two members will be eliminated.

The first solo performance comes from Kim Minseo, performing a song by Sam Kim. Before his performance, the mentors inform him that he was, in fact, the death card for the losing team.

You can watch episode 4 below with English subtitles:

"The Origin: A, B, Or What?" continues with episode 5 tonight.

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