6 2nd and 3rd Kpop Papas - Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Today we want to highlight Kpop idols from the 2nd and 3rd generations who have become fathers in the last few years, yet have been active in music since becoming fathers. 

iKon - "But You"

iKon returned with their new EP after two years and  for the first time since member Bobby has become a husband and father! 

Chen - "Beautiful Goodbye'

EXO's Chen has been releasing solo and OST songs and performing for those who have been waiting for him since completing his military service. He is the father of two daughters! 

DMTN - "Safety Zone"

DMTN was active between 2010 and 2013. They released a ten-year anniversary song "Never Forget" in 2020. The members state that they are always willing to do more activities together when the timing is right. In the meantime, member Daniel is a doting father to his young daughter. 

Big Bang - "Still Life"

Big Bang recently returned with their first song together after four years called "Still Life." During the break, member, Taeyang and his wife Min Hyorin were blessed with their first child in 2021. 

2PM - "Must"

2PM made their grand return with a new album last year. Later that year it was released that the youngest member Chansung was starting his own family with a wife and a child on the way. Although he is focusing on acting at the moment, we look forward to 2PM's next reunion. 

FT Island - "Unthinkable"

FT Island who debuted in 2007, made their return after 2 years with a newest EP album Lock Up. Drummer Minhwan is the father of 3 children, 1 son and twin daughters with his wife former Laboum member Yulhee. 

In addition to the above-mentioned, there are other idols from the 2nd and 3rd generation who have become fathers since their groups' have become disbanded or inactive and we wish them a Happy Father's Day as well.

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Ciera Reeves

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