New Girl Group LIMELIGHT to be Extendable with No Set Number Members


"Expanded girl group" with no restriction on the number of members

Ito Miyu (MiU) was introduced to the fans via Mnet's girl group survival program, Girls Planet 999 (2021). Kim Soo-hye, who was noticed as a strong vocalist in MBC's girl group survival program My Teen GirlGaeun, 143 Entertainment's skilled trainee with memorable "Asian looks" The three talented trainees will release a pre-debut song as LIMELIGHT on September 29th. 

The history of the members of Korea and Japan is also spectacular. Miyu Ito has been supported by the Japanese MZ generation through modeling and SNS activities, winning the Tokyo Girls Audition 2018 Popteen Award, up PLUS Award, and ABEMA TV Award, and appearing in music videos of Japanese artists. Kim Soo-hye made a strong impression with her clear and clean vocals at the time of the broadcast, and trainee Ga Eun has been in the spotlight as a magazine pictorial model before her debut.

As 143 Entertainment is the agency of Kang Ye-seo and Sakamoto Masiro, members of the project girl group Kepler created through Girls Planet 999, it is expected to draw attention to synergy with them and future moves. LIMELIGHT, which consists of members from survival programs, will make a strong debut based on its stable skills and unique concepts.

The way it works is also special. It aims to be an expanded girl group that is free to recruit members and has no limit on the number of members. Ito Miyu, Kim Soo-hye, and Ga-eun, who first confirmed their debut, plan to release an EP containing four songs of Pre-Debut after releasing the reality program "Lulu Lala" containing the Pre-Debut process from the 18th. The reality show featuring their charm will be released sequentially through  LIMELIGHT's official YouTube and SNS channels.

LIMELIGHT, which recently unveiled its team name and logo, plans to release pieces of the team one after another through various contents in the future.

In the meantime follow LIMELIGHT on their social media accounts. 




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