The Top Mirae Promos You Should be Tuning Into

With "Drip N Drop" achieving success the boys of Mirae are on a nonstop whirlwind promo. Hanteo chart released figures on how successful 'Outurn' was on the chart selling a total of 46,528 copies from Sept 28th- October 4th. Release day was a soaring success in multiple countries on the Itunes K-pop album chart. Germany (No 1) United Kingdom (No 2) United States (No.2) Japan (No.5) breaking their previous record with their second mini-album 'Splash'

The promotion has included sleek and slick choreography practices, Tik-Tok challenges, and most recently a mini Halloween special. Here are the top promos you need to be up to date for those new to the future boys. Think of this as a handy guide to navigating your way through the Mirae schedule.

Mirae Drip N drop - Choregraphy

Of course, let's start with the lead track release from their 4th mini album ‘Drip N Drop’, the video which has garnered over 10 million views since its release. The boys have given us a peak into the dance studio for fans eager to learn the choreography.

After school club

The boys appeared on the popular show After School Club Ep.543 ‘Into another world’ They took their hand to many challenges which allowed fans to see their various personalities and charm. This one-hour special is the perfect introduction to the boys as a group and as individuals.

Tik Tok Challenges

Since the drop of the choreography, the boys have appeared in several Tik-Tok videos. The videos consist of basic moves easy to follow steps with a range of K-pop stars such as AB6IX, Trendz, and Lee Chaeyeon.

@official_mirae 우우우우우🫧☔ #NMIXX #규진 님과 함께 #드드챌린지 #물웅덩이챌린지 #미래소년 #MIRAE #DripNDrop #DripNDrop_Challenge ♬ Drip N' Drop - MIRAE

Idol Radio 3

On October 3rd Idol 3 radio gave the boys a chance to be the latest special guests, the show where the guests appear as hosts. The show features a range of Q&A sessions, topics, games, and activities in order for listeners to know the artists.

The current hosts for radio 3 are Ateez's Yunho and Hongjoong, the heartwarming moment from the show was leader Jun Hyuk interacting with Yunho who is listed as his inspiration. Both main dancers even got to dance to Mirae's current song 'Drip N Drop.' More moments can be watched here.

Joker: Future Boys Kidnapped. Performance on Break The stage.

Halloweens are around the corner and the boys have taken a joker-inspired number to the next level. Fans were treated to a dance break video, the boys have been kidnapped by the joker the worldwide villain who loves to collect good-looking and talented people. The scene cuts to the boys decked out in their Joker outfits, suited and booted, snapping into a tight and well-choreographed dance number.

The video featuring a song by Mia Rodriguez "Psycho," The Score highlights just why the boys are being hailed as super rookies. It’s a small slice of Halloween served in a tightly choreographed fun spooky number.

Of course, this is a small slice of just how much content Mirae has been sharing and treating the fans to. If you're new to the boys and wish to know more read all about them here. Be sure to follow Mirae on their social media here. Be sure to stick around @Kpopwise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

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