Monthly Roundup October 2022: JeA, seowool, Jiae, and PEACH A

Monthly Roundup October 2022: JeA, seowool, Jiae, and PEACH A


Later than, but still here! We have been busy with many collaborations and news this month, with more to come, but let's take another look and reflect back on October. It was an interesting month in Kpop; BTS Jin released his solo 'Astronaut'  as well as releases by AB6IX, TREASURE, SEULGI's solo debut, KINGDOM, Stray Kids, N.Flying, MAMAMOO, Baekho, and more. 


JeA of the Brown Eyed Girls has released the single 'Orange Drive' produced by VERYGOODS on October 9. The song is a chill song perfect for driving any time of the year. 

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Former Imfact member Jeup known for his beautiful and sweet vocals has changed his name to seowool and has debuted as a solo artist. He released his first single the ballad "Daystar" on October 3. 

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Former main vocalist of Wa$$up, Jiae has released her first full-length album on October 8, 2022 titled Love is Love. The singer who came out as bi-sexual, is one of the few out LGBTQIA representatives in Kpop industry. She was able to release the album without the support of an agency and gained the support of many global fans. 

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Peach A

Girl group Peach A released their debut single "Rebreath" on October 8. The group went viral for having a girl group member, Yoonseul debut over 30, who even got married ahead of the single release.  

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