[Exclusive Interview] Jinsol Woo on His Debut Single “Internet Love”

On October 7, singer and fashion designer, Jinsol Woo released his first single “Internet Love”. KpopWise was able to catch up with Woo to discuss his debut single, his journey into the music space, and his future plans.
“Internet Love”

“Internet Love” is an alternative-inspired track about a previous relationship. It reveals the struggle of wanting to be with someone who is far away. Woo adds, “Due to the end of our relationship, I wasn’t able to convey the words directly, so I wanted to release this song,” He participated in every step of the creative process for this song; “To me, my creative process with my music is staying true to myself and conveying my internal emotions through it,” he said. 

Listeners can see the relationship between nostalgia and inner turmoil Woo is experiencing through the combination of the flashbacks of his previous partner and old-school visual effects in the music video accompanied by the solemn alternative backtrack.

Branching Out

Woo has established a name for himself in the fashion space, and for some, it was a surprise to see him on a new path. For him, pursuing music was not anything new. “To me, [music] is my new creative outlet to release my emotions and connect directly with fans,” Woo explained. When creating music, he incorporates his personal style, a combination of futurism and sounds similar to K-pop and American pop music. In order to create music that is authentic and unique, Woo intentionally tries not to get inspired by others. He taps into his own feelings and emotions in order to create.

Looking Forward

We asked Woo about his future plans in music. “I want to give [my fans] a huge thank you for supporting me in my journey so far,” he said, “I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have to offer as an artist.” Woo expressed his hopes to collaborate with artists Dreamcatcher or Keshi. Fans can look forward to more music releases as Woo's next single, called “Minutes,” will be released on November 11.

You can find Jinsol Woo on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Spotify. You can all listen to “Internet Love” on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms now.

Thank you to Jinsol Woo for the interview! We look forward to seeing more from him in the future! Check out KpopWise for more Kpop news, updates, and more.

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