VIXX Performs a Special Medley of their Popular Songs on MCountdown

On January 19, group VIXX perform on MCountdown together for the first time as a group in 4 years since the release of their 3rd full album Eau de VIXX in 2018. 

VIXX members LEO, KEN, and HYUK released a single "Gonna Be Alright" on January 3. They went on to have a fan concert "-ING as Always" for their fans, "starlights' over the weekend of January 6 and 7. 

Debuting in 2012, VIXX is not short of iconic songs that have captured the hearts of fans over the years. The group performed a special medley of a couple of their popular songs, 'Shangri La,' 'Chained Up,' and 'Voodoo Doll.'  Plus notice how they have to challenge through the ending fairy trend for the first time. Check out the performance here!

Individual MPD fancams of the performance are available on the M2 channel. Group | Leo | Ken | Hyuk 

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The time with their fans will continue as VIXX will bring the -ING as Always fan concert to Japan on February 3 at the KT Zepp in Yokohama.

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