DUSTIN Reboots as Global Group, Introduces New Members from Brazil, Japan, and The Philippines

Ciera Reeves


The next generation of boy group DUSTIN is here. Following member MINI's enlistment, this February, DUSTIN's agency Namoo Entertainment has been introducing the new members of the group who will join SiuLake, and Seunggi. New profile photos were also revealed after announcing the members. 

On February 13, it was revealed that DAON, a member of the first generation of the group has rejoined DUSTIN. 

On February 15, new member Raphael from Brazil was revealed. He is noted to be able to speak Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean. With Namoo's partnership with South America's World Music Group International, Raphael's presence in the group will be advantageous.



On February 17, new member Alex from Japan was introduced. He can speak Japanese, English and Korean.


Then finally on February 19, the new member MJ from The Philippines was introduced and is the current youngest member of the team at 20. He will join the team in April so there is no profile photo yet.


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/official_dst/

Twitter https://twitter.com/dst_official_

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