'Jinny's Kitchen' Premiers Its First Episode With Hit Cast

'Jinny's Kitchen' Premiers Its First Episode With Hit Cast


''Jinny's Kitchen" is the new Korean variety show that has hit streaming platforms for global fans to watch. The cast includes fellow actors Choi Woosik, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yumi, Park Seo Joon, and world star idol Kim Taehyung of BTS.

With the restaurant being opened in Bacalar, Mexico, the cast of Jinny's Kitchen brings in a Korean snack-filled menu to locals and tourists. Officially, positions have been called for each member with  Seojin being the head boss, Yumi being in charge of making Kimbap, Seo Joon being the head chef, and Woosik and Taehyung being the intern assistants! 

With a little training before the restaurant was opened (they all took cooking lessons based on their food duties), the cast of Jinny's Kitchen takes the audience on a fun (but stressful) working shift as they all prepare to introduce Korean snack-like foods to the people of Bacalar.

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