HAWW Makes Their Debut With 'How Are You'



Boy group HAWW (Heal All The World Wide) make their debut with their mini album "HOW R U." Consisting of 6 tracks, HAWW makes 'How Are You' their first title track with 'Wanna Be Love', 'RACE', 'Can You Hear Me', 'Make It Mine', and 'Intro(HAWW Car) - CHANT Version' being the b-side tracks. With 6 members making up the team (Chanyoung, Jeonggeun, Seo Bin, Jimin, Louii, Minyoung, and Ju Ho), HAWW starts off with a promising start as well as already having a name for their fans, HARU!

HARU stands for 'HAWW Always Remember You,' a clear representation of the group's love for their fanbase and a heartwarming name for fans.

Check out HAWW's debut here: 

'How Are You' MV

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